Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Review - Smashbox Rapture Travel Brush Set

Perfect for beauty on-the-go, this limited-edition collection features 5 metallic pink travel sized brushes in a take-along quilted pouch that protects brushes and keeps them clean.
I got to test out the face brush in this – so far so good. It’s great to have high end natural fiber brushes at home but when it comes to traveling or even staying over a friend’s house with them, it’s a big NO NO! I would die if I lost my favorites as the replacement prices are significant and would hurt my wallet. Well, Smashbox's answer to that dilemma comes in these super cute mini sized brushes that are natural fibers. They are just not made with the fur coats of the brush world – as always cruelty free. The Pony that gave up their hair for my brush must have gotten a nice hair cut so I can live with that. I do find that the bristles are a little firmer than my others but the application process isn’t tainted at all. I have used this for my all over powder and I get a nice even application and I have also used for my bronzer and that easily picks up a light coat and is good to go over the apples of my cheeks. I wish I got the whole kit as you can see it’s cute as a button and what girl wouldn’t want it all? I am very satisfied with the overall quality of the brush, nice work, Smashbox!

Deedlejuse Says: I am the lucky one who actually got the case, as well as the nicest eyeshadow brush that I have ever tried from Smashbox. I have to absolutely gush about the entire thing, I absolutely love the case! Unfortunately it's a bit too small for all my other brushes, but c'est la vie, I adore it. You cant really tell in the picture but it is this beautiful gold/metallic/pink (p)leather on the outside and pretty pink satin on the inside and the bow is satin as well. Let me just say if I ever found a purse that looks half as good it would totally be mine! Onto the brush: as Cityslicker mentioned the hair is cruelty free , which is wonderful, but most of my brushes are synthetic, and the difference is totally unbelievable. The bristles are firm in a soft way so you can really build up the colors your working with. If your like me and you can't spend a bundle on brushes I would definetly reccomend investing in a quality travel sized kit. It works, and it won't kill your month! and obviously if it comes with the cutest little bag that's a good deal too! Love it.

Sheba says: I have been using the Blending Brush which Smashbox describes as 'An almond-shaped brush designed to blend any powder eye shadow in one or two soft strokes. Also perfect for applying lighter shades across the entire eye in one easy sweep.' I wanted to clarify what it is intended for right away since I use it for that among my other uses. Let me say that it is definitely a great blending brush when you use it as you should. As others have mentioned before me -- it is cruelty free and that makes it feel better already!! It is natural and it has a very nice feel to it. It is not too strong or firm but just right to dabble in the eyeshadow and conjure up the right blend for yourself. I also think it works well to apply my concealer and correctors. It applies them perfectly. I feel as comfortable using this brush as I do with my everyday brushes. It works that well. I cannot comment on the case since Deedlejuse was the lucky recipient -- however, just look at it and also read what she has to say about it!! Sounds like you cannot go wrong with the total Travel Brush Set. Considering the natural brushes you get and the case -- you are receiving a good deal for the price. I know I have paid good money for bad brushes. Well, I do not mind paying good money for good brushes!!

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