Friday, January 2, 2009

Review- Aloette Flawless HP Rapid Skin Perfection

Restore a healthy glow and even tone to mature skin with this color-correcting face serum. With a yellow tint to offset age spots and discolorations, Flawless HP Rapid Skin Perfection’s light-diffusing properties clarify and illuminate splotchy skin while minimizing the appearance of pores.

To be entirely honest, I couldn't figure out what this stuff was/did when I first took a look at the bottle. It said to put it on before applying make up, but I wasn't sure if it was a moisturizer... a peel.. some sort of make up base... or what. When I went to the website, I realized it was a corrector, it covered up spots and illuminated the skin to mask visible pores, signs of aging, all those types of things. I tried it out a few times this week under my foundation and was pretty shocked at how well it worked. It's tinted and the color offsets a lot of age related issues, but also discolorations in my skin from dullness and overdrying, and a few scars that are light but annoy me. I'm not sure if this is one of the benefits Aloette touts for this product, but it also seemed to make my foundation last longer, which is always appreciated because of long days hauling around the office and the city.
p.s. did I mention that they don't test on animals? Another great bonus!

CitySlicker Says: I too was in the dark upon receiving this product... I was thinking Flawless HP, sounds good to me... I like the term flawless when applied to skincare – it’s a sell for me! I have been using this for just shy of one week. I really like the formula. I find that it agrees with me skincare that I apply first. As you ladies know when something doesn’t agree, well the results are nightmarish. I have applied with my fingertips and will my foundation brush. For me fingertips works much better so I get a more complete application. It really feels like a foundation primer. My face is very smooth and feels and looks like all the little lines are filled it. I think it helps with the foundation too, keeping in on and giving a longer wear time. The result after applying foundation is a smooth look that is natural. I think my skin tone has a more alive look – it’s brighter and plump too. I will use scrape this out of the tube also! My skin seems to maintain the hydrated look throughout the day too. I am using this in conjunction with look alive.

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