Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Review - Yu-Be Body Lotion

"The same #1 selling Japanese formula from Yu-Be... now in a moisturizing body lotion! Our glycerin formula with a unique blend of vitamin E, B2 and camphor provides ideal daily hydration and protection for many troublesome dry skin conditions. The perfect year-round, all-over body moisturizer. Smooth, easy-to-apply glycerin lotion helps hydrate, soothe and smooth dry, sensitive skin.
Moisturizes and protects against dry skin during the cold months - then soothes sunburns and replenishes moisture in the summer. (Yu-Be does not contain SPF protection)" $29.00

I have been using this for almost a week now and it glides on smoothly and is absorbed quickly. This particular lotion doesn't seem to have any fragrance, or if there is one, it is very faint which is very nice. I find this lotion to be ideal, especially in these winter months with heat just drying you up!! I am a little leery of using it in the summer since it does not contain SPF protection which I believe it critical in any skin care regime. Perhaps they will 'improve' it before the summer months and add some protection--it would definitely attract more users if that is included. Right now I am very comfortable as I do not use it on my face and my body is completely covered whenever I am outside so I have no fear of sun damage. This is a serious lotion -- it really does perform very well. My skin is letting me know that it enjoys the moisture it provides. . . it is so soft and silky!! I have always found that Vitamin E nourishes my skin and it is one of the ingredients included. If they do not add SPF protection I might consider using this along with some SPF protection. However, it is ideal when they are combined!!

Cityslicker says: I have used this in the past - once again I am not disappointed! This is a miracle worker on the skin. I read that this was created for a woman in Japan who suffered from dry cracking skin and she also didn’t want a petroleum based product. Well, I am on board with that train of thought and don't want petroleum based products either. The first thing you will notice is the rich thickness of the cream. I have used it on the elbows, feet and knees. The rich cream envelops my skin and absorbs quickly, leaving my skin feeling lightly coated and protected. This does last and the hand cream, if you lightly wash your hands, remains on. The cream stays on and leaves my skin feeling so hydrated. I also want to mention that once you rub it into the skin the scent dissipates and is gone all that is left – moisture... Oh, yeah one other thing this is wonderful to use at night on feet with socks. They aren’t all slippery in the morning but they are soft and smooth...
Right now you can get
3 samples for free, you will pay S&H; you must live in the US to take advantage! Do it, you won’t be disappointed.

Deedlejuse Says: I must begin by telling you that I had a sample of this body lotion, and I don't know if the others did too but I really didn't get enough to give you a fully rounded review. What I will say is that I had some scratchy patches on my arms and thighs that completely cleared up after two applications of this lotion. It is not particularly thick, but it really sinks in quickly and leaves your skin feeling incredibly moisturized. It doesn't leave you feeling like there is an extra layer left with you, just like you have naturally wonderfully moisturized skin. My problem with it is the smell. I absolutely can't believe that Sheba didn't notice a smell, because it really bowled me over! I am particularly sensitive to smell, however, so if you aren't a smell freak you should be fine with it. It smells basically like Vicks Vapo-Rub, awesome when your under the weather or if you love Eucalyptus, but if it isn't your favorite smell you might be a little turned off. The results speak for themselvs, though. I would take Cityslicker's advise and take advantage of the free samples before you decide to purchase!

Amanda S. Says: What else can I say? This is a great moisturizer. I tend to use a lot of oils on my skin to avoid weird ingredients (like petroleum products). In the dry winter months, I find myself in a state of desperation, trying to balance keeping my body safe and keeping myself from peeling like a creepy lizard. This lotion is a great balance. I especially like using it after taking a bath, because the lack of fragrance doesn't interfere with the smell of bath oils and such. I loved this enough to buy a bottle for my mother's friend as a gift and she too loves it.

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