Thursday, January 1, 2009

Review- Cutler Salon Soho, NYC

Cutler Salon Soho (there is also a Midtown Location)
465 West Broadway NY, NY (212) 308-3838

I recently had the pleasure of getting my hair cut and colored at the Cutler Salon in Soho, NYC. Now I'm afraid I've developed a habit that I can't afford! I've got a "Great Hair" monkey on my back!

First thing you notice when you walk into the salon is that it's modern without being cold and hip without being snobbish. I was made comfortable the moment I walked in and immediately offered a cappuchino. My hair colorist was Joe and although I had initially been happy with my last color, he pointed out some streaks that I hadn't observed were so noticeable until I got under the salon lights with a professional. I had originally gotten highlights just to cover the grey in my light brown hair, but it seems that every time I went to have my hair touched up, the colorists' (there were a few) made me blonder and blonder. Joe told me what he thought without being pushy (he's a very nice guy) and he told me he could give me highlights one shade lighter than my natural hair that would look great and believe me, they do. I had never wanted to be blond, I just sort of ended up that way, now I'm happy to have my brown hair back and the highlights look so much more natural since Joe did them! They blend beautifully with my hair and there are no streaks. I think he also did a glaze to tone the highlights. He is such a meticulous craftsman that I was surprized how few hairs he put in each foil, but his conscientiousness paid off. I love my hair. Partial highlights with Joe will run you approximately $170 (there is a general price list for all services on their website which I appreciate). The price is very reasonable especially considering the attention to detail that you're getting.

I then had a haircut with Tyson. Tyson is a very charming New Zealander and he's a lot of fun to talk to. I knew I needed something done to my hair as I have layers that were starting to look a little shabby. Well I hadn't had a haircut in about 3 months and Trevor said he wouldn't go any shorter on the layers (which means they had been cut too short last time). He cut my bangs to perfection and added a little choppiness to update my look. The one thing I found odd is that at Cutler they have assistants blow out your hair. It came out great, but I always thought that was part of the deal with hairstylists (& it means one more person to tip). A haircut with Tyson runs $90, but I'm thinking of selling my blood so I can keep getting my hair cut there. I know $90 is not a fortune, but I'm far from swimming in it. One nice plus is he said they do bang trims free after a haircut and I'm used to paying up to $15 for this.

Overall, I'm very happy with my color, my cut and my experience at Cutler. Never once did I feel pressured into making changes I didn't want, or ignored, or anything but well attended to and listened to. I will be going back, I just have to save my pennies to do so!

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