Monday, January 12, 2009

Review- Avène Ystheal+ Lotion

Preventative anti-aging lotion visibly reduces the early signs of aging without irritation. Improves skin’s tone, texture, and radiance. $32 – 1.01 fl.oz.

I appreciate the literature that came with this product, especially the part about how they include thermal water (from nature) for its curative properties. It said stringent tests revealed this water is ideal for treating skin conditions, even serious ones. The Web site even lists a product for wound care. All of this scientific stuff aside, my skin is more radiant; my skin tone is more even, my skin texture is smoother – and I ignored their instructions to use at night only. Call me a rebel, but since it was the only product of theirs I had, I put it to work. The size may seem small unless you readily know what 1.01 fl. oz. is, but it’s really a good amount and it takes very little. I recommend it.

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