Thursday, January 15, 2009

Review - Vanitymark The Prime Pre-Mascara

Movie Maven says:

I have to be honest here: I don't need a lot of help with my eyelashes. They're pretty fierce au naturale, and when I add mascara? Well, let's just say you don't want to go against me in a winking contest. But I do like a full, lush lash, so I use mascara on the daily. So when I got this Vanitymark The Prime Pre-Mascara, I was like, " my lashes will be unstoppable!!" But I must say: I tried The Prime with a couple different mascaras, and I didn't notice that much of a difference. Maybe it's because I'm already fairly satisfied with the results I get from mascara alone. Maybe I didn't wait long enough for it to dry (I did wait the recommended 45 seconds, which is like an eternity when you're trying to get to work on time). Whatever it was, I found that it made only the slightest difference for me. I will say this, though: many mascara primers dry white, but this one dries clear! Which is nice. But overall, I'd say get Vanitymark's great mascara (which I tried alone) and spend your $16 on something else.

Amanda S. Says: As a confessed wimpy-lashed American, I believe people should start buying stock in Vanitymark. The primer made such a huge difference in the thickness, length and noticeably of my lashes that it was night and day for me. It does dry clear and really clings to the mascara you put over it. I did notice that it takes a bit to really dry, and you really DO have to let it dry before applying the mascara over it. But it's worth the wait if your lashes are always wimping out.
CitySlicker Says: I really enjoyed trying and using this product. I am a fan of any kind of primer - I look at it as if priming can make something better-- then it's worth it to me. I am completely sold on this primer. I noticed a real difference in the overall look after the mascara and I attribute it to the primer. It makes my lashes thicker at the root without being clumpy. I apply 2 coats and I get my desired effect of thick and rich without looking too false looking. I am not particularly fond of the clear primer. I like the primers that are white, as I can see where I put them and know how much is on. This, being clear made it a little more difficult to see how much was on. That's why I do the 2 coats-- to make sure I am completely primed.

Deedlejuse Says: So, you might have noticed that in the early months of this blog I reviewed a similar product by Tweezerman, and it was not pretty. That is the only other Mascara Primer I have ever tried so don't laugh at me when I gush over the usability and overall performance of this primer. The one I used before was literally fluff that you try to put on your lashes, but more often than not got lodged in your eyes, hair, nostrils, etc. This primer is sooooo different, it is like mentioned above, a clear liquid that you apply to your lashes and let dry before applying the mascara. Let me tell you it works. I am more on Movie Maven's side of things, having very thick dark eyelashes that don't always need mascara. So I'm not desperate to enhance, but fortunatly this primer goes on lightly so you can work up to an intense volume, or leave it a bit lighter for day. I am very pleased, and it stays on all day without either the mascara or primer cracking or crumbling. I love it!

Sheba says: I have never used mascara primer before and I guess I am glad as I might have invested in some earlier mistakes!! I am now a firm believer in primers. Vanitymark The Prime Pre-Mascara does the job. It prepares your lashes for their best look yet!! It goes on very easily and definitely improves the look of the mascara when it is applied. I have now used this with other brands of mascara and it does not discriminate -- it improves all that I have used it with -- but I have to admit I think it works best with its partner Vanitymark The Lash Mascara (my review of that to be done shortly). It is definitely worth the little extra cost to use this primer -- your lashes will look great!

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