Thursday, January 15, 2009

Review - Vanitymark The Lash Mascara

Movie Maven says:

I love mascara. I do. And I have tried many. This one, The Lash by Vanitymark, is a shining example of what mascara can be. The best thing about this mascara is seriously - no clumps. On the real. They must be geniuses over there at the Vanitymark labs - they shouldn't be creating mascara; they should be ending world hunger. I bet they could do it, because this mascara is some sort of miracle. I'm in love with it. Now, I will say that while I love mascara, my lashes are pretty okay to begin with. Dark, longish (though unfairly not as long as my younger brother's, which: what? Why do boys always have beautiful lashes? But I digress) and overall just fine. So when it comes to mascaras, I don't need a whole lot of help - just a little curl here, a little length there, a little fullness all around. I suspect that if you are someone who feels they need a lot of help, this mascara might not do it for you (which is why, I assume, Vanitymark makes a primer as well). But as someone who loves mascara and likes a medium amount of help, this formula is perfect.

Amanda S. Says: For those that did not hear Ms. Maven, NO CLUMPS. I have complete wimp lashes. They're lighter than my hair color and skimpy. As above, I used the primer (which I will tout again in another entry I'm sure). As it is, I feel like any minute the teeny amount of lashes I have are going to fall out and I will be a complete freak. This mascara really plumped them up and made me feel proud of my lash situation instead of chagrin and afraid for their future.

CitySlicker Says: First off I need lash help. My lashes are little twigs that need to be built upon. This mascara works really well for me. I apply over the primer and upon the second or third swipe I can see that the mascara is doing it's job. My lashes are thicker and longer. The best feature is, as mentioned, the no clumping factor. Another positive feature is the fact that it builds without over building my lashes. My lashes look long and lush without that thick, God rest her soul, Tammy Faye look. I think it goes on easily and doesn't flake throughout the day either. I wear contacts and have had no adverse reactions. I will use this till the wand runs dry! I almost forgot - washing off is easy, I find that with my normal eye makeup remover I can remove everything and not have that raccoon eye with a ring of grey underneath, no rings on me! Thanks Brett Freedman for creating a fun line that has worked wonders on my wisps!

Deedlejuse Says: I just have to fourth (I guess) what everyone else has said, and add that this is my new favorite mascara, and I am super picky. I also like the no clumps thing, but even if it did clump I would be willing to deal just so I could have the easy removing factor! I have never been more pleased with the way a mascara comes off. Even if you tear up (it has been like -20 up here recently!) all you do is wipe your eyes and voila! its off, just re-apply when you know your safe and go on with your day. I was expecting it to flake or smudge because I noticed how easily it came off the first time I wore it. So I was really vigilant for a few days after....nothing. It looks beautiful on your eyes, wears impeccably, and comes off in a jiff. How could you possibly ask for more? Seriously this Brett Freedman is sensational, I have to try something else from their line just to see what other cosmetics they have mastered!

Sheba says: Who am I to disagree??? These girls know what they are talking about -- I actually had my lashes brush my glasses because they are so long and beautiful. They brushed the lens but did not smear or anything. Okay, so I am going a little beyond with this mascara (no need to have lashes hit glasses)-- but I can't help it. I used the primer which really enables the mascara to be so gorgeous. I will never go without primer again. I used my lash brush out of habit -- but I didn't really need to. My lashes had no clumps (just like everyone said) and they did not stick together or flake. I just cannot say enough good things about this Vanitymark The Lash Mascara. It is just about impossible to exaggerate about this mascara -- it is that good!! Even if you do not want to use it on a daily basis (but you will) you must use it at night. I totally agree that Brett Freedman should be in the makeup Hall of Fame. I also have to see what else has been created by this genius!! No, I do not work for them -- but I would in a flash -- especially a flash of my eyelashes!!

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