Saturday, January 31, 2009

Review - Giselle Mineral Blush

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I don't normally use a lot of blush, as I am naturally fairly ruddy-cheeked, but on occasion I need a little bit of a boost for my complexion. The Giselle Mineral Blush gave me the little punch I needed without making my face look "makeup-y." I got the blush in Giselle Doll, a light, almost cotton-candy pink (far right in photo) that at first I thought would be really neon and 80s. But when I put it on, it was more sheer than I thought it would be, and really looked great on my fair, cool-undertones skin. The color will suit most people with cool undertones, regardless of whether you're more fair or more dark, as it's a very bluey pink. The other thing I really liked about this blush is the little bit of iridescence it has, due to the mica pigments used to make it. It's not enough to call it "sparkly," but just enough to catch the light and make you really glow. I'm sold!!

Deedlejuse Says: I have this blush in Chocolate, the second to the right. It is honestly a bit too brown for my super-light, very pink complexion. It makes my face look too flushed, but if I just dust very lightly it is wearable. The look with this whole line is like totally my thing, like the designer polled me, specifically and made everything I wanted. I love being shimmery, I do not do matte, if I look powdery I am VERY upset. So all of the slightly iridescent, light covering make-up is totally me. And it is mineral wear so its good for my skin! I am very happy to have found Giselle Cosmetics, and I would definitely recommend them to everyone!
Sheba says: Giselle Blush in Red Hawaii is one of the best mineral blushes I use. It has that tiny bit or iridescence that is exactly right. In the container it looks to be much too red for me but I have learned not to judge by that. Apply it lightly and see what it does to your appearance. It looks very subtle when applied lightly -- but it definitely enhances my face -- I feel that bit of color is just what I needed -- it is the frosting on the cake. I might put an extra swipe on for the evening and it still does not look like too much. It enhances while it does not look like make up. Minerals seem to just blend in with the skin and become a part of it while actually being good for the skin. How can you go wrong? The price is actually more than reasonable. You get enough product to last for a long time and it is very flattering to your skin. They have a great selection so you will find one or more that works wonders for you.

CitySlicker says: I have this in Rich Girl, which is the first color from the left.. It's pretty much as deep and rich as the image and on me isn't a match at all. I have worked with mineral based products for a long time and have had great results and this wasn't one of them. This color on me is a deep orangey tone. I applied very lightly and still ended up with streaky application - sort of like someone smeared makeup on my cheeks. I just couldn't get it to blend in for me. I tried and tried and to my dismay it still looked heavy and didn't work. I hate to be a rotten egg but I have to be honest and say that as a very fair skinned person the colors are to bold for me.

Sheba again: I have been experiencing such good luck with Giselle that I asked CitySlicker if I could take the Rich Girl. Hurray, hurray, it works wonderfully on my medium toned skin. Actually, I used to have pale, fair skin until I sat out in the sun for summers on end. Now it is on the fair to medium side and it can take a range of colors. I have actually brought several samples of foundation to my girlfriend's home to have some of them help me select a shade. Guess what, they said -- Oh, it will be easy -- some of them are way too dark. When I put the samples on various parts of my face they could not select the closest as they all somehow blended in. . . and adjoining sections seemed fine -- even when one was dark and the next one was light. After wasting your time with that little story I have to say I am one blush richer with the Giselle Rich Girl!

Amanda S. Says: You may or may not want to take my opinion into much regard... I am not a good person with blush. I tend to overdo it, or put it on in the wrong places and look like a doll / clown (and I am terrified by clowns). I did find that the Giselle products went on well and blended, but I couldn't get the color right and I always felt like it was a little too thick for me. I tend to go on a more 'bare' side of things with make up though, keeping it light (even when I have a lot on, which I call the Amanda "Smoke and Mirrors" effect). But, it is a good product, just not one I will probably use too much.

Hillary says: When I first looked at the Giselle Mineral Blush in Giselle Doll my first reaction, honestly, was "they must be kidding". It is just about the most bubblegummy pink blush I have ever seen. But I have nothing if not an open mind, so when I was only going out to the store I gave this blush a try. It looks great! It is so sheer that it leaves only a hint of pink and makes your skin look totally healthy. I put this powder at the back of the hollows of my cheeks and under my eyes (a habit of mine). It gave a vital glow to my face (I had already applied Giselle's All Purpose Powder in Flawless). Now whenever I feel my complexion needs a little lift I reach for this "too pink for words" blush and radiatea healthy glow! One Caveat though, use too much of this and the circus might recruit you. Also, I see this as suiting only fair-toned skin.

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