Thursday, January 22, 2009

Review - Eminence Organics Mimosa Champagne Body Lotion

Movie Maven says:

Thank goodness I live in New York, where brunch is an institution. Brunch is my favorite meal, for several reasons. I love breakfast foods (pretty much all of them). Brunch is later in the day than breakfast, so you get to sleep later. But most of all: I love drinking in the morning. It feels sort of subversive while at the same time being totally socially acceptable. And my favorite brunch drink is the old classic, the mimosa. So when I saw this Mimosa Champagne Body Lotion, I got pretty excited. And you know what? It totally smells like a mimosa. What!?! I was amazed, y'all. It's that perfect blend of tart citrus and sweet champagne that make the real mimosa so good that make this lotion delectable to smell. Now, I'm sure the grapes and citrus oils have benefits beyond just making me want french toast, like antioxidants, but honestly, I just really, really like the way this lotion smells. Get it. And have some bacon.

Deedlejuse Says: I have to agree with Movie Maven on how nice this lotion smells. While it has that citrusy-champagne smell it is definitely subtle, which is my favorite part. I can't stand a lotion that is so strong that I have to decide which perfume I am going to wear around the smell, and luckily there was no problem with this Body Lotion! It also made my skin feel really nice, we got a very small sample, so I had to be rather stingy, but for how long I was able to use it the results were great. Aaaannnddd... It's organic, sigh, how could you ask for more?

CitySlicker Says: Crisp, clean and citrusy is how I describe this lotion. I think it's a little thicker than the normal body lotion I use. The sample I got wasn't enough to cover my legs to I ended up using this on my elbows, knees and hands. I applied after showering in the hopes of locking in moisture for the entire day. This does the job and makes my skin feel silky smooth. This is a really nice creamy lotion that absorbs quickly and has just the right amount of fragrance, its not too perfumy or overbearing. I can't stress how much I really like the smell. YUMMY! I wish I had access to more of the Eminence line, everything looks wonderful and the ingredients to die for!

Amanda S. Says: I love the smell of this lotion, it doesn't seem like it's even perfumed, but it's got this great fruity subtle scent.  I'm picky with lotions and I would hate to recommend something that doesn't work well enough for dry skin, because once the cycle starts, it's really hard to repair and start over again in the right place. I can safely say this is a great moisturizer. These scaly patches on my shins haven't gone away in over 4 months, and they're finally gone! They were getting so bad I was afraid I would have discolorations there by the time spring came. What a huge relief. That should be enough evidence for most people, considering the loads of things I've used to try and stop the madness. 

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