Saturday, February 28, 2009

Review- Aussie Aussome Volume Spray Gel

"Take a hands off approach to gel. Spritz this ultra fine mist, for ultra high volume. No mess here! Look, ma! No hands! Kissed with white ginger and hops, Aussome Volume Spray Gel lets you crank up the volume and style - and turn down the mess. Contains natural Australian ingredients. " $4.69

I love styling products that come in a spray, let me just say that. I have long nails and dipping into the tub of my usual gel gets very messy. This is a gel with a "Strong" hold (according to the label) which makes it a 2 out of 4 in strength. There are 2 things that I really like about this product in addition to it being a spray:
1. It's entirely flexible in it's usage. If I want to spray it on and scrunch my hair I can and if I want to blow dry my hair pin straight with it, I can do that too.
2. It gives you a nice even coat of gel. You spray more where you need more, but you can cover your head in an even fashion. And this volumizing gel leaves hair touchable, not glued.

The last time I got my hair cut the stylist taught me a trick to using volumizer. I have very soft, "slippery" hair and by spraying on some volumizer, it doesn't have to add volume, but it does add grip to the contact between my hair and a brush. So now when I want to dry my hair straight, I use this volumizing gel and a round bristle brush and the hair actually clings to the brush. It used to slide right off. It makes for the ultimate blow-out. She also told me to avoid volumizers with alcohol and this product has none. Add to that the fact you can get this at your local drugstore and I'd say I've got a keeper.

Sheba says I have had some very good luck with Aussie products and this is one that really does seem to work well. I try anything that claims to add the look of more volume. I prefer the 'spray' or the 'pour into hands and work into hair' ones for the same reason as Hillary. I prefer not to dip my hands into it. I can feel the texture it adds to my hair when I am styling it. I realize it is the product coating the hair I am feeling but it does feel nice and full. It does give the appearance of fuller hair and that is what I am searching for. There are often coupons available for Aussie and, like Hillary mentioned, you can find them locally for reasonable prices. In addition to coupons, their products go on sale pretty often also.

Maria says: I have GOT to stop being such a drug-store brand snob. Seriously, I'm missing out on some really good products - such as this volumizer from Aussie. My number one reason for liking it is for the fact that it does not weigh my hair down. HUGE plus. I also like the way it sprays - I know that may sound off, but I've tried a lot of volumizing sprays and it comes out in a foam or too thin a mist - you can get a lot of coverage with the Aussie spray without feeling like you've oversaturated your hair. Another reason why I like it? It's NOT sticky. Hooray! No killing your scalp trying to get your brush through your hair. One thing I like to do is flip my head over and spray the gel on the underside of my hair b/f I style. Then I take the blowdryer to it (head still flipped over) and dry it a bit - when I flip my head volume awaits! Very well done, Aussie. This product is a keeper! Oh yes, forgot to add that it smells great too!

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