Sunday, February 1, 2009

Review - Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo & Conditioner

Extend the vibrance of color-treated hair $15.00 ea.
I have been color treating my doo since the turn of the century. OMG, I can’t believe I am writing that! LOL! I have always used products for color and find that when you are spending upwards of $200 for a foil that it’s well worth the investment! These are 2 amazingly gentle products that I have about run out of. First off the scent is a deliciously light herbal blend that smells dreamy in the steamy shower! Secondly, I am not sure you can get a more gently product--seriously these are like using baby hair care products. Thirdly, they work, I started using on the tail end of my color right through a new one and found that they work in helping to prevent fading and boost my hair’s natural shine and I think even added some strength. The shampoo is light and has a nice frothy lather that rinses away quickly. The conditioner is light weight but penetrates my hair and give it a nice soft texture that is snaggle free. I really like these and recommend investing in the liter sized containers. Also, when using this, I have been using this straight not switching around which I frequently do. There is no buildup and my hair looks soft smooth and hydrated! Also big props to Anna for the image! :) Thank you!
Maria says: I have to agree with CitySlicker on these two truly fab products. I am a Pureology junkie and have used that line for longer than I can remember and very rarely switch -- and when I have, I always return. With these two products, I find myself reaching for them more often than not and def. more often than my beloved Pureology of late. I think they impart a real shine to my oft foiled hair - neither product weighs my hair down either. You just get the feeling that you're really cleansing your hair but not stripping it. They have a no nonsense scent to them - nothing froofy or sweet - rather just a clean herbal fragrance - almost organic. They are gentle but effective. When you've colored your hair for as long as I have - that's exactly what you're looking for! Although I have quite a bit left of the conditioner as I find I need so little, I am nearly out of the shampoo which says ALOT! I am so pleasantly surprised by these and so happy that they work as well as they do for MY doo!!!!

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