Saturday, February 14, 2009

Review - Veet Hair Removal Gel Cream for Sensitive Skin

Veet Hair Removal Gel Cream for Sensitive Skin prepares the hair in only 3 minutes for effective hair removal with the bladeless razor. It has been specially designed without a blade. You dont need to worry about dry skin or cutting yourself. You can work quickly with perfect control - for close hair removal and long lasting smoothness $5.03
Well, I have dark hair so I have to shave frequently and in the winter I tend to get a lot of little red bumps on my legs after shaving so this was a perfect product to give my stems a break. I didn’t do the recommended test patch. It’s my fault that I just lubed up the legs. I applied from the knee down, the scent was minimal then the smell changed and started to stink, ugh! It wasn’t that bad but still stinky nonetheless. When I used the tool to remove I did see lots of hair coming with it. My legs did feel smooth but Veet didn’t remove all of the hair, it could be from my application or the product. I found lots of stragglers around my knees so the next time I tried to make sure I spent more time on the knees but still I had stragglers so it does work really well on smooth areas for my like the area between the ankle and knees but not as well on the bends so beware and spend more time on those areas.. I thought it was easy to use and pretty quick... I think I will revisit in the warmer months when showing off the goods is more likely so I can take advantage of the smoothness. I ended up having to shave in 2 days also... I think this will be beneficial when I am going to an event not an everyday thing.

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