Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Review - Nvey Eco Organic Moisturizing Liquid Foundation

Chamomile, cucumber and organic Calendula combine to create this soothing, moisturizing and aromatic liquid foundation. The luxurious addition of Rose Absolute assists dry and sensitive skins. Tinted using natural earth elements, NVEY ECO, Organic Moisturizer.

Have you ever had that moment with a beauty product when it hits you: this is what using X is supposed to be like? Well I have finally had that moment with this Nvey Echo Organic Moisturizing Liquid Foundation. Not only is this foundation organic, and natural but it is also the exact perfect shade for me ( I have shade 510, the palest) and it glides on so you would never know that I’m wearing make-up. I don’t like a lot of coverage, just touch-ups at the problem areas like cheeks and chin where I tend to get a bit too rosy so this fluid foundation is exactly what I needed. It is sort of a thin consistency that basically turns directly into a powder on my skin and doesn’t stay thick and creamy making it noticeable. It is sort of like a stain, instead of a cream but it really covers up problem areas. I would say that if you prefer the creamier side of things you might want to mix with your face cream before application. I find it is best applied with fingers, my brushes all make it a little streaky. The smell is the best part for me. I think it smells like rose (and as it turns out absolute rose is used in production.) This very well could be my all time favorite product I have ever used. I certainly recommend giving it a try!