Monday, February 9, 2009

Review- Pür Minerals Pür Perfection Starter Kit

"4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup: The cornerstone of Pür Minerals, this one-minute mineral makeup miracle is your mineral foundation, powder, concealer and SPF protection all in one neat makeup compact. Completely free of oil, alcohol, talc, fragrances, preservatives and chemical dyes, this mineral foundation is actually good for your skin!" Pür Perfection Starter Kit $35

This is perhaps the best mineral make-up I have ever used. And not only is it good, it's good for you too! I need full coverage in my make-up. There's nothing terribly wrong with my skin, but when you are spooky-white, even the tiniest blemish shines out like a beacon. You can adjust the amount of coverage you recieve from this compact by starting slowly and layering. It has a nice matte finish and somehow doesn't stick to my dry patches like most other powder foundations. The color I got (Porcelain) matches my skin to a "T". Once you've put on the foundation, glow and blush, you've got a totally healthy, natural look. I recommend that everyone who is considering trying the Pür Minerals brand start out with one of these kits because when you put all the components together, the look is fantastic.

"Mineral Glow: A touch of sun in a makeup compact, this mineral powder will impart a natural, sun-kissed glow to your skin."

Ordinarily I wouldn't buy a product like Pür Minerals Mineral Glow because I'm not one for the tan look, but when used sparingly this compact gives you more of (dare I say it) a glow than a tan. It adds a little something to your overall look if you apply it with care. Now I find myself using the Glow with my other types of make-up, I like it that much. But be warned, overdo it and we'll have to send you back to the 80's (of course back then, the tan would have been real!).

"Universal Marble Powder in Pink: Give your skin back that rosy glow you were born with. Universal Marble Powder corrects, brightens and imparts antioxidants into the skin. This multi-purpose mineral makeup can be worn on your eyes, lips and cheeks."

When I first looked at the Marble Powder in Pink, I wasn't so thrilled. I'm not much of a pink person. I decided to have an open mind and I applied it after the foundation and glow. To my pleasant surprise it isn't bubblegummy or clowny, it looks totally natural, like I just pinched my cheeks. Don't ask me how they made a blush that flatters every skin tone, but they've apparently pulled it off as the same color comes in every kit. I wouldn't dare try to buy a pink blush on my own (I still have that lingering clown fear), but this one, I love.

"The Chisel Makeup Brush: The magic behind the mineral makeup look! The only makeup brush to use for application of your 4-in-1 Mineral Makeup, it provides maximum coverage and an amazingly smooth finish."

I use the Chisel brush for both the Mineral Makeup and the Mineral Glow. The brush is shaped like a small kabuki brush with a handle. It gives you more control than a traditional kabuki brush due to it's smaller size and is the perfect firmness to use with the pressed powders.

Amanda S. Says: Like Hillary, I really do believe this is the best mineral make up out there. I have been using Pur on and off for a while, but haven't used all the items in this kit. I am so happy I took the time to try them out and was given the extras because I am really pleased with how everything looks. The brush is super useful too for the foundation (I usually use the sponge, but I am getting the hang of the brush because it doesn't clump the powder at all!).

I tend to get a little sallow looking (I'm surprised no one asks me if I have jaundice to be honest!) in the winter, a little yellowish and pasty. For some reason my olive skin doesn't work out so well when I don't get any sun. I confess, unlike hillary I *do* get some sun, I know it's bad! So in missing my usual touch of color I was pleasantly surprised with the 'glow' powder and the marble blush powder also. I was real afraid they'd go on either too heavy in spots, or else they would just not blend with the mineral foundation underneath them. I am not all that great with blush sometimes, I go a little heavy, but with these it seemed to glide on, and I can imagine if I took the wrong turn applying, it would be easy to brush the extra off.

Pur mineral is great because my super sensitive skin never gets irritated by tons of weird additives and it doesn't make my face look one-tone-plastic. It definitely doesn't cause break-outs and if you're really having skin problems, you can actually apply the 4-in-1 foundation powder over a liquid foundation and trust me, no one will see any flaws and it will last more than 15 hours.

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