Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Review- Yes to Tomatoes Tender Touch Hand Cream

*Combines Organic Tomatoes, Avocado (a great natural source of potassium, which increases moisture retention) and 26 Dead Sea Minerals.

*This special combination not only promotes healthy skin, but also absorbs excess surface oils, perfect for balancing skin.

*99.6% Natural Ingredients

*Free of Parabens, Petroleum and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

*Against Animal Testing

*Has it's own charity, "The Seed Fund"

Before I discuss the performance of this hand cream, let me tell you briefly what it is: it's an almost entirely natural hand cream, free from ingredients found in most other creams that are suspected of doing (in the long term) more harm than good. That said, don't go into sampling this hand cream with the thought of tomatoes in your head despite the name. It smells nothing like tomatoes and lets face it, love them or hate them, most of us do not want to smell like them. This has a very light, pleasant smell which is very clean and I venture to say, good for men or women. In addition to how good it is for your hands, it feels good on them as well. It absorbs almost completely while leaving your hands super soft. The only thing I would change is I would add a sunscreen.People seldom realize how much time their hands spend in the sun. Tender Touch Hand Cream really has everything you want in an everyday (& night) hand cream without a lot of things you don't need. Those of you with super-dry hands or that work with your hands in water might need something a little heavier, but for the average person, this cream is perfect. An added bonus is that the generously sized tube is going to last me a very long time as you only need a pea sized amount to be completely moisturized. This would make a great component of a Valentine's day gift basket!

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