Sunday, February 1, 2009

Review - Whiter Image TOGO Pen

Triple-Action Accelerator Gel for your quickest, whitest smile. $39.95
I do like to use teeth whitener. I am not a person who has teeth so white they look transparent though. I like my smile to look bright and not dull. I swear whitening is one thing that is affordable that can really brighten up the face and shaves off a couple of years. Having said all that I was super excited to get a hold of this pen and get to coloring my teeth. I think its fabulous concept but don’t think the product has been executed to its full potential. This reminds me of the Stila Lip Glazes; they look incredible then you twist the cap and it never stops oozing. The Togo pen is very similar, I wanted this to pop in my handbag and pull out after eating something rich in color to prevent staining or just if I was going somewhere and I wanted a little brightening boost. The case of the Whiter Image Togo pen was, I clicked at home and applied, ever easy, clicked till the clear gel oozed through, then I applied to my teeth. Well, it wasn’t a light application and I did as instructed - kept my lips off my teeth for 30 seconds and then my lips burned. I applied it too thick so it was my fault. This did dry down and feel like a light film on the teeth, nothing bothersome. I took it in my bag and left for work, when I pulled it out to show everyone, the cap was full of product and the bristles drenched. It had been like that every sinceI used it. Now I keep it standing up and after every use I wipe it and in a few minutes, look at it and the bristles are oozing product. Anyway, the question is, does this work on my teeth, yes! This is meant to work along with a whitening program so don’t run out and expect your teeth to look bright and white after one use, it really an aid to assist with a program in my opinion. However, I really can’t recommend this since I have had a disaster with the container, I think it needs to go back and be repackaged, great concept but disappointing!

Hillary says: I didn't experience any of the problems that Cityslicker did with my pen as I keep it at home standing up. I'm glad now that I did. It's true that it does ooze more than it's clicked, but I found that manageable by wiping the pen down after each use. This pen does whiten- noticeably so- especially with repeated use. The instructions say to use it 1-4 times daily and all you have to do to use it the 2nd time on is to wipe your teeth clean with a tissue (no need to brush 4 times when using it 4 times). If you want whiter teeth with little to no fuss, this is your tool. I'm always in a hurry in the morning and with this pen I can whiten my teeth in about 5 minutes and see actual results. I would recommend it for at home use (which sort of negates the name, but whatever works).

Deedlejuse says: Unfortunatly, I am going to have to agree with Cityslicker on this one. While I found the results to be really good (and I am a coffee/tea drinker so there was plenty of room for results!) the pen was sort of a pain. I love the packaging. It comes in this really cool container and the pen is so easy to stick in your make-up bag and really cute but unfortunately I also noticed some significant oozing. It can really make a mess, but luckily it won't escape out of the cap, so even though its a bit sloppy I can still carry it around. All in all though I think that this is one of the easier to use to-go teeth whitening solutions, the brush is much easier to use than tubes without appropriate applicators and it looks more like a tube of mascara than something for your teeth. The price is seriously affordable, as long as you don't lose too much! While I would love it if they could fix the oozing the results are definitely worth the struggle.

Amanda S. Says: Like Hillary, luckily I kept this pen upright. I have to say, I have used those white strips before, and they totally burn my gums. I don't care what anyone says, I could hardly brush my teeth after a few days with them. The pen went on pretty smooth for me and didn't burn. On top of that, I could tell where it was applied because it got a little foamy/bubbly. Although I couldn't tell day to day if my teeth were getting much whiter, a friend commented after about a week that my teeth looked pretty awesome, and after another week I definitely noticed the difference. If you're thinking of using those stick on strips, I would say DO NOT! And try this instead.

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