Friday, February 20, 2009

Review - Barex Italiana Gloss Spray

Let there be light. Even the most product weary will be thrilled with the weightlessness of the "must have" product for all hair types. Barex Gloss Spray prevents colour from oxidizing. Lightens a dull hair day with light reflecting mist.

We all have those days (like today, specifically, for me) when your hair just looks like it needs a lift. Perhaps it has been a few months between coloring, or the heat was up extra high last night, or there just wasn't time for the entire straightening process. It doesn't matter what did it.... only what you can do to make it go away! This Barex Gloss Spray is the answer to my problems. I have blond (processed) hair, that looks super shiny when all of the stars align in my favor, but can look really dull during the rest of the month. With a little spritz of this amazing gloss spray all of my hairs frizz-free shine and glory is restored. It doesn't make my hair look greasy ever (even if I apply more than once throughout the day) and doesn't smell like much so it doesn't compete with whatever else I might be wearing that day. I will say that $25 for 5 oz seems a bit steep to me (since you can find other pharmacy brands for so much less) but the effect really isn't comprable. This light spritz doesn't just add some oil to lighten your hair, it works on the roots of the problem. I highly reccomend this product!

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