Thursday, February 12, 2009

Review - Almay One Coat Nourishing Mascara, Lengthening

"Get 100% thicker lashes in one clump-free coat. This volumizing formula builds lashes double long in one quick, smooth, clump-free application.
Nourishing formula is infused with aloe and Vitamin B5 to keep lashes feeling conditioned and cared for. Specially designed Quick Coat Brush wraps Mascara evenly around every lash as it separates for a full, lush, high-volume look. No clumps, flakes or smudges. " usually under $5.00

Almay is a very good brand that is hypo allergenic and very gentle. It is an excellent every day mascara which can be used for day and night - according to how many layers you want to apply. I always use my eyelash brush (even when the product claims to be clump-free). However, I really did not see clumps when using it. I like the brush for the clumps and to make certain the lashes are completely separate and some are not stuck together. This can add a little color, body, and length or quite a bit of drama to the eyes. It has staying power, yet, is easy to remove when you want to remove it. Actually, every once in a while my eyes will act up from mascara ( allergies -- they itch) but this does not occur with the Almay. So if I am using another brand and the allergies kick in - I immediately switch to Almay. They advertise that it is hypo allergenic and I guess I am proof that is true. I have to say you cannot go wrong for the price. I always have a couple of Almay mascaras handy -- in case of allergic reaction to other brands. I would not be without it.

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