Friday, February 20, 2009

Review- Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara

"High-Precision Panoramic Mascara
Introducing Givenchy’s revolutionary new mascara! Its innovative new design and high-precision application method will make all existing mascaras a thing of the past. For many women, applying mascara is still a difficult process. Without a steady hand, it is hard to get precise results. That’s why Givenchy has taken a leaf out of this daring new design offering a brand-new way to apply mascara. Givenchy’s groundbreaking patented spherical brush reaches everywhere. It simplifies application, for perfectly shaped eyes and spectacular panoramic results." $28

Let me say right off the bat, I adore this mascara! As you can see from the photo above it is not your typical mascara. The spherical applicator does take some getting used to, but if you are patient enough to take the time to get it right, your lashes will look amazing. And after a few applications you'll feel as if you've been using a round brush forever. This mascara coats every bit of every lash more than any other mascara I've used. It gets all the tiny little lashes that you usually ignore because it's too much trouble. They are a breeze with this mascara. Instead of "swiping" on this mascara, you sort of "paint" it on by running the round brush from root to tip on every section of the lashes. It reminds me of what it would be like to put on regular mascara if the brush was only 1/2 an inch long. Also the black is a true black for dramatically defined lashes. I also have not had to use a spoolie or a comb to get rid of any clumps since I've been using it. Like everything, it does have a drawback: it looked horrible when I applied it to my lower lashes. I think it does such a good job of defining and thickening that it made me look a bit like a cupie doll. Granted, I do not usually wear mascara on my lower lashes, so maybe someone more used to the look would have no problem with this mascara on the bottom. That said, I think every lady who is due a splurge should run to Sephora and buy this mascara. If you like long, defined, curled lashes that stay the day, this should be your next treat to yourself!

Handy Tip from someone who LIVES @ Sephora- If you want to try this but are afraid you won't like it, buy it from Sephora and keep your receipt. They will accept returns on things you are dissatisfied with. Sephora rules!


The Lush List said...

Awesome, thank you! Did you have any problems with smudging or flaking through the day?

Hillary said...

Nary a smudge (nor a flake) in sight since I've been using it. And it really has staying power.