Saturday, February 21, 2009

Review - Yes to Carrots C the Difference Mask

I really love this mask. My skin, as I have said over and over again, has become in the past two years totally prone to freak attacks, redness, dryness and suddenly, breaking out! The horror!
When I got this product, my first reaction was, I LOVE CARROTS. I drink carrot juice all the time, I eat carrots with my dinner, and holy cow, I even have a rabbit who eats carrots with every meal. So I totally say yes to carrots already. My faith in carrots proved strong again with this mask. My freak out skin relaxed the first few times I used it, the dryness tapered off the few days after each use, and my breakouts seemed to be breaking my life apart a little less. This isn't one of those explosive 'oh my god what's happening???' masks that tightens on your face and cracks like a barren desert, nor does it turn into a shiny scary peel off (those sort of scare me, does anyone know of any that don't feel like they're going to yank all the teeny fuzz off your face? I'd like to try one that doesn't hurt!) and it doesn't give my skin any sting. I would really recommend this for those that (1) like natural products and (2) want to try something without hidden dangers.


cpouliot said...

I use almost all the Yes To Carrots products and I love them all. I recommend you try the body butter, lip butter, day cream, shower gel (these are some of my favorites)

Amanda S. said...

I'm definitely going to have to try the other things, I bet the body butter is completely awesome. the mask is my favorite one I've ever used. !