Monday, February 9, 2009

Review - Aloette Lumitone HP Pro Brightening Serum

"Brighten dull, ashy skin and target uneven skin tone with Aloette’s nonabrasive skin brightening system and see results in just 14 days! Containing a proprietary blend of five clinically tested peptides and brighteners—including the powerful white daisy extract—in an aloe vera base, Lumitone HP (High Potency) Pro Brightening Serum enhances the brightening capabilities of our existing Lumitone complex to minimize the appearance of red and splotchy skin and help neutralize uneven tone." $69.95 Super Sales Special!Only $24.95 with $30 purchase!

I have used some other products to 'brighten' my skin but I was never really sold on them. This Aloette Lumitone HP Pro Brightening Serum has me sold!! It does smooth out my uneven skin while reducing the appearance of spotty areas. They claim it will "help neutralize uneven tone" and it delivers. It applies very easily and is absorbed quickly, leaving your skin looking much more radiant than before using it. They do mention that it will be 14 days before you really notice so don't put it on the first time and be disappointed. It takes a little while to work its wonders on your skin. The usual price is a bit high but worth the price for what it does -- but -- look now. There is a Super Sale which I have included above. I know I can find so many other Aloette products that are real treats for my skin that I might just get a couple of them at this great deal!!

Hillary says: Aloette was kind enough to give me this product to review, but I can't really do one. You see, I use a prescription retinoid on my skin (Tazorac, it's like Retin-A) almost every night and it seems the two don't mix well. I took the bottle of Lumitone HP Pro Brightening Serum to my dermatologist and asked him if he thought the serum would brighten the skin and he said "Yes". He said it has an ingredient in it which is much like hydroquinone, but gentler. Most doctors would not recommend covering your entire face in hydroquinone as it can be very harsh. So to sum up my "non-review", yes I believe it works, no I don't recommend it for those using a prescription retinoid (nothing bad happened, it just stung a bit).

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