Friday, February 13, 2009

Review - Smashbox Rapture Eyeshadow and Brush Set

This get-gorgeous set includes 16 luminous shadows and 2 full-size metallic pink brushes for flawless application. The inspiring shades allow you to create an endless array of beautiful eye looks that take you from day to night.

Movie Maven says: Smashbox's eyeshadow colors are, on the whole, to die for. Gorgeous options abound, which is why this Rapture Eyeshadow and Brush Set really is a great deal. Of the colors you see above, I got to try the green and gold (go Packers) set and the shadow brush. I thought the green would be a little deeper based on the photos I'd seen online - it's dustier than I anticipated, more muted, but still a lovely color. The sheer, shimmery gold that goes with it is great for highlighting, or for wearing alone when you don't need as much drama. The shadow stayed on pretty well - when I wore it with a little concealer underneath as a base, it not only stayed on longer, but the color was more intense, which was nice. The brush is fairly standard, with soft bristles. The funny thing is that I found myself using the Smashbox brush with some other eyeshadows more than with the green and gold Smashbox shadows I got, simply because the brush is a little on the large size, and these duos are pretty small. I ended up using a smaller brush to apply the Smashbox eyeshadow. All in all, a great color combo!

Sheba says: I received the Silver combination and let me say -- it applies very nicely and has staying power. I did use a primer first as I have become addicted to them. It is a perfect combination for hazel eyes -- but then I would think it would make blue eyes pop. Come to think of it -- I bet it would really just enhance almost any eye color. But then, remember if you have the whole kit you can just select another combination. There are so many that you will find several that work for your eyes. You will have a difficult time trying to decide -- but then you don't have to decide. You can wear different combinations on different days!! The Smashbox Rapture Eyeshadow and Brush Set is an incredible deal at only $59 for all that Eye Candy.

CitySlicker Says: I am a big fan of Smashbox Cosmetics so there is pretty much at least one of their products in my rotation. Their shadows are rich and velvety, I got what looks like the bottom on the right, it’s a golden brown color called luminous golden brown and a peachy nude highlighter called shimmery champagne. They are a great combo that complements one another. I have been using the peachy color on my lips and the darker color as a liner. The shadows melt into my lips and give a nice shimmery sparkle without looking overly shimmery – perfect for day or night. They stay on feel light as air. The pot is easy to tote around and very deep so this will last a long time.

Deedlejuse says: Goodness I do love Smashbox! I think that my favorite part is that they make really use-able colors and then pair them in a very user friendly way. I have the navy/white combo pot and am happy to report that these easy to wear colors work perfectly with my hazel eyes. The only thing that I might ask is for them to be a little more shimmery, because if you've ever read my reviews I live for shine, but these colors are opaque (in a great way) and so good for day to day wear. Really I don't think you can go wrong when you go for Smashbox, you sort of know it is going to be a great product! I wish I had them all.

Hillary says: For me, Smashbox means quality. It also means the latest and greatest colors. And the cherry on top, I can actually afford Smashbox, unlike some of the other brands I see at Sephora and Dept. stores. I'm not at all cheap when it comes to buying cosmetics, but I've got to feel as if I'm getting something worth my money. Smashbox eyeshadows stay the day (into the night) and come in colors that are both practical (in that they look good on) and trendy. The brush I got (Definer Brush) is perfect for putting on your darkest color right near the lashes (at least that's what I use it for). The brushes are top notch, not too soft, not too firm like a cheap brush. And unlike some cheaper brushes I have, they keep their shape. I have a special place in my heart for Smashbox and I can't wait to see what they come out with next!

Amanda S. Says: I have the "Enchanting" split color of this shadow. This is, by far, my favorite eyeshadow I have ever used. It goes on so beautifully and smooth, it feels weightless, never creases or flakes off, and lasts for an entire eye rubbing day at work. I have paid embarrassingly large amounts of money for eye shadows that worked well in the past. I have very sensitive eyes, and they are a very pale blue color. If my eye make up gets screwy, I end up looking crazy eyed and un-human. Smashbox is my new 'go to' for shadow. the white makes my eyes look bright even when I have panda-like circles under them, and the purple-ish color goes really great with my dark blue eyeliner and black mascara. It seriously, no joke, stays on for 9 hours or longer. If you have eye shadow issues, go for this stuff!


The Lush List said...

I swatched the green one at Sephora and I nearly died.
So perfect.

Amanda S. said...

There is such a huge difference right? It's sort of hard to explain why it works so much better, I just think everyone should try it!