Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Review- Aloette Enzyme Peel

Restorative Enzyme Peel: Try this alternative to harsh chemical peels today. Right before your eyes, this unique exfoliating fruit enzyme peel removes dead skin cells without the use of harsh acids or damaging granules!

When you get over the weird green gelatinous appearance of this enzyme peel and just use it, you'll fall in love. I think it's the use of fruit enzymes versus stronger and more acidic ingredients that make this product really great. It feels so cool and spreads easily over your skin creating a fine layer that doesn't slide off or feel impossible to keep on for the allotted time. I've tried this out twice. I have to say, even with my freak-out sensitive skin that gets so dry and whiny in the winter, there was no stinging or burning with this peel, and almost felt calming. It really did instantly soften my skin and take away some dull dark and reddish spots I've been getting annoyed with lately. Well worth the money and perfect for someone who has skin that is normally to sensitive for your average peel.

Movie Maven says:

Here is the thing with this peel: it doesn't "peel." The directions on the container of this otherwordly green goo say to massage it into your face in a circular motion...and then they stop. Do I rinse? Do I wait? Do I peel it off? What do I do, Alouette? I did go online for further research, and it turns out the intended use is to massage it into your (dry) face and then rinse in warm water. I did this, and I just - wasn't sure if it was doing anything. It felt nice, and the color is gorgeous (note to self: find nail polish this color), but whether it was successful in "peeling" me remains to be seen. I noticed that my skin was a bit softer afterwards, so that's good. Perhaps I'm still not using it correctly?

Deedlejuse Says: I, like Movie Maven, was a bit confused as to whether I was using this product correctly. Try as I might I just wasn't able to get the "little balls" to form after 20-30 seconds of use. I don't know what I am doing wrong, but regardless it seems to be producing results, even if I can't visually see the peel working. I have been using this product bi-weekly for several weeks now, and I am more than happy with the results. Granted I am 24, so my skin doesn't need a huge amount of help to look young and supple, but this Aloette Enzime Peel really makes a difference in the brightness and feel of my complexion. I have sensitive skin, so genereally speaking any kind of mask makes my face feel tight and burns just slightly, but I haven't noticed anything like this with this peel. My favorite part, other than having a little pot of the craziest looking dark green gel on my bathroom sink, is how quickly it works. This is the perfect thing for people who want results, but also don't want to have to spend hours to get them. I would definitely re-purchase this product!


Anonymous said...

I love this product! You are supposed to apply it to dry skin, let it sit for about 20-30 seconds, then rub in a round motion with your fingers. You'll notice little balls...that would be your skin...peeling. It's my magic product! When I have dry skin or need to refresh it, I use this. I adore this.

Anonymous said...

Hi ladies I hope I can help.
Apply the enzyme peel in a thin layer all over clean DRY skin ( the texture is jelly like ) after about 30 sec to 1 min the texture changes to a more watery feel. When it gets to this state then start to massage in a circular motion and watch as dead skin rolls off of your face. If over the age of 30 do your throat and declote area too
Karen Masters