Thursday, February 5, 2009

Review - Decleor Paris Radiance Revealing Peel-Off Mask

"Calm and revitalize the skin with this illuminating mask. • Eliminates dead skin cells, excess oil and impurities• Brightens and enhances the complexion• Nourishes with essential oils and vitamins• Protects against harmful free radicals• Boosts the skin's immune system for lasting brilliance. $42"

When I was a kid, I loved peel-off masks. LOVED them. I had tubes and tubes of them all over the place, just because I liked peeling them off my face. The thing is, peel-off masks are SO NOT NECESSARY for a child, because the whole purpose is to "renew" your skin, and kids don't need skin renewal. At some point, I stopped really using peel-off masks, and I'm not sure why, because guess what? I STILL LOVE THEM. And this Decleor Paris Radiance-Revealing Mask is a great one. Now, this is definitely a high-end product, and at $41 is pretty pricey. That's really the only complaint I have with it, though. The main thing that bothers me about some peel-off masks is that once they dry, they don't actually PEEL all that well. This one, however, practically came off in one big piece, which made it easy for me to ensure that it was all off my face. (It was easy to apply as well.) While I didn't see a huge difference, I could practically feel my pores unclogging as I removed it (which sounds hokey, but for real was kind of amazing). If you're in the market for a luxury peel-off mask, this is it.

Deedlejuse Says: Ladies, I am almost positive that most of you have forgotten how wonderful it feels to use a peel-off mask, or at least a quality one. Personally I have to totally agree with Movie Maven, the ripe old age of ten was exactly the last time I used a peel off mask. I loved it then, and I really love it now! There is just such a fulfilling feeling to peeling off the mask after you have allowed it to dry, and then to see the results. It took a few rounds of bi-weekly application, but now there is no hint of darkness in my pores, and my skin is so soft. The mask comes off in one fell swoop, and although you don't actually see impurities in the peel, you will see the results on your skin. I am definitely sold, and I will treasure this mask down to the last drop!

Hillary says: OK, let's just say we all agree that peel-off masks are cool. It hasn't been that long since I last used one, but it was nowhere near the quality of this one by Decleor. This is truly the Lexus of peel-offs. It goes on so easily that I think it would be very hard to mess up (unless you didn't put your hair back first- that could be a problem). You simply apply a thin layer, wait 8 minutes and peel it off. Every time I've done it, it has come off in no more than 2 pieces (which is cool to see, I don't know why). It can totally pull off the flakes from dry skin, leaving your face refreshed. It makes your face feel amazingly smooth and extra clean. It is recommended for all skin types and seriously, how often do you get to have fun while doing something good for your skin in the privacy of your own home? I like to finish off with Decleor Tonifying Lotion and Essential Balm.

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