Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Review- Poshe Super-Fast Drying Topcoat

"Dries To The Touch in 1 Minute, Dries To The Nail in 5 Minutes, Highest Gloss Of Any Product On The Market , No Formaldehyde, No Toluene, No Nitrocellulose, Cannot turn yellow, even in tanning beds, Chip Resistant, Self-Leveling, Non-Dragging, Ideal For Nail Art, No UV Lights or Heated Dryers Needed, A True Topcoat - Must be applied over polish or basecoat
Aliphatic Resin System: Re-wets To Revive Existing Nail Polish
1. Smooths out scratches & abrasions.
2. Dissolves any oxidation & returns existing polish to its original color.
3. Reaches through any lotion residue to re-wet & adhere to existing polish.
Top Quality Brush - Reaches To The Bottom Of The Bottle Consumer Can Use The Whole Bottle. Amazing how it dries to the touch in 1 minute and dries to the nail in 5 minutes!" Price: $9.49

I put a lot of the information from the website here as I found it to be informative. I love that I can use this bottle to the very last drop as it is a bit expensive. However, once you have tried it you will find it worth the extra cost. It applies so easily and smoothly. It certainly protects your polish as I have had it on for over 10 days without any chipping. Notice how it smooths out scratches, etc. It is dry to the touch in about 1 minute and seems completely dry in the 5 minutes that they advertise. It has won many, many awards and it is not surprising once you have used it. This Poshe Super Fast Drying Topcoat is definitely one of the best I have used.

Hillary says: I have been a loyal Poshe user for years now. Believe me, I've tried all the rest (being a product junkie and all) but I always go back to the Poshe Super-Fast Drying Topcoat. Not only does it dry quicker than I can mess up my nails (even I have the patience to sit for 5 minutes!) it keeps a manicure going for days and days. The nice people at Poshe made this point when Sheba said the topcoat was expensive and I think it's valid: "As for the topcoat being on the expensive side, you actually use more topcoat when using the cheaper brands because the manicure chips more easily and you end up having to do your nails more frequently.". I can see how that is true as when I reapply the top coat every few days I've been able to go without re-painting for over a week. I had a UV nail drier, but I got rid of it after I developed a sun spot on my hand. I'm not saying the nail light was the culprit, but I'm certainly not taking any chances from now on. And with this Poshe topcoat, I don't need to.

Deedlejuse Says: Um am I just allowed to say "ditto"?? I love this Super-Fast Drying Topcoat! I am what one might call impatient, so many times I will get distracted after painting, and I'll have to re-start from the very beginning. Not even once did I find that necessary with Poshe. It is just amazing, and it keeps polish on for at least twice as long as other top coats I've tried. I definitely recommend this brand as well as this specific product, and really under $10 for something that really works? That's not that bad!

CitySlicker Says: I am so impatient so super fast drying is right up my alley. I am notorious for applying a polish, waiting a moment then resuming whatever I was doing and nick up the coat. I am quite amazed with the quick dry and the durability of the topcoat. I was a little skeptical that it would dry fast but chip. I have been wearing this with polish and without and both ways have lived up to it's name. I am extremely pleased with the performance of Poshe's topcoat and am so thankful since any product that can push out the wear of my polish for over a week is A+ in my book, I have been happy with all of the products I have used from the Poshe line!

Amanda S. Says: Maybe I have freaky nails, but this stuff dried slower than my usual top coat. I don't know what happened??? I love the idea of the chemical free polishes, so I am going to continue using this, and it was a great top coat overall, I just didn't find that it dried any faster than normal. But that's OK, I can wait while I'm watching some netflix movies and let those suckers take their time drying.

Joyce says: As far as I’m concerned, every Poshe nail product I’ve tried is a winner. I found that this topcoat not only dries fast, but if the polish underneath isn’t totally dry or set and I put this on it, it dries a bit faster than I might expect. I also appreciate that even one coat makes my nails feel and act stronger and harder. Thumbs-up (and fingers) on this one.

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