Saturday, February 28, 2009

Review- Poshe' Cosmetic Bag

Poshe' Cosmetic Bag with mirror $9.99

I have been using this for over a month, I have been carrying this in my large handbag. This means just about everything I carry ends up getting lost in the bottom. I am a lippie girl and usually am carrying quite a few lippies, glosses and a couple of liners. Well, my point in all this is I am always loosing one part of the mix, this bag fits really well in my bag and is perfect for my needs, it's roomy enough for all of my things. It's very sturdy and will hold up a long time, the mirror is a generous size and comes in handy especially when on the go and my contact is giving my a problem or I want a close up to see if I am experiencing flaking from my mascara, whatever the problem is or even if I just want to ask "who is the fairest of them all" this is perfect. I think it's priced right and will continue to use! Also if you don't carry an arsenal of cosmetics this is perfect for a night away..

Deedlejuse Says: I love this little cosmetic case! They really thought of everything a cosmetic case should be. It is made of some kind of very durable sort of plasticy material (that is much softer than plastic I just don't know quite how to explain it) that wipes off in a jiff and is like mess resistant or something. I can honestly say that a good portion of my cosmetics tend to spill in my bag, with this case I don't have to worry because no lasting damage is done! That is such a relief for me. There is a zipper as well as a flap so all is contained. The sizable mirror is perfect for checking things, as city slicker mentioned, but also if you need to do some major work on the fly... This bag is awesome, and no-nonsense! If your in the market for a beauty bag that really works and isn't just pretty this is your bag!

Amanda S. Says: This is my favorite little bag for my purse! I'm one of those people with the gigantic purse full of a month's supply of everything in case of disaster, so normally I would use a bigger make up bag for carrying extras like vitamins, advil, those necessary female products, and so on. But I realized keeping make up separate from all this stuff makes it actually easier to find it when I am having a face-emergency. And I love the little mirror being on the flap because, unlike others that have that mirror on a string that hangs inside the bag, this one doesn't get scratched.

Hillary says: I'm not going to lie and say this bag fits all the make-up I carry in my purse, but I do find it the perfect size for my mineral powder make-up. My compacts and pots fit perfectly in this bag and there's even room for brushes. If you are ordering from Poshe, make sure to throw one of these into your cart- you won't be disappointed. And besides, who ever has enough make-up totes.

Sheba says: I have to agree with everyone on this little gem. Poshe has given us a handy little tote for whatever you might want to carry around in it. Of course, it isn't going to hold a lot of items - just those you find indispensable. It has just enough room for those items and the mirror is a great addition as it comes in so handy and is easy to locate as it is part of the bag.

Maria says: To quote from Ghost: "Ditto" !! I too love this little tote from Poshe. This is the second one I received - the first being a little bigger but none-the-less adorable and functional - perfect for overnighters when you want to just throw a mascara and eyelash curler and a lippie - perfect for in your purse too. I tend to carry several lippies in my pocketbook so rather than have them floating around at the bottom - I just pop 'em in my little Poshe bag. The little mirror is a very cool added bonus! This company is so hip and current -- I think you'll be hearing a lot more from Poshe. Love it!

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