Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Review - Wild Mint Lime Coarse Salt Scrub

"Made with mineral rich dead sea salts, this body scrub provides the ultimate exfoliation while is soothes and remineralizes the skin leaving it super soft and well nourished. Made with all natural ingredients. 10 oz." $15.00

I just happened upon this Wild Mint Lime Coarse Salt Scrub on EBay by chance. I love anything Lime so I bid on it and won it at an incredible price. This is definitely one of my favorite scrubs. The consistency is coarse as the name suggests -- but a very mild coarse. It is very easy to use as it spreads very nicely as you apply it. It is a very gentle scrub and does exfoliate well and leaves your skin feeling so soft, silky and regenerated. I did not get a Lime scent from it. It is a very light fresh scent but I really could not pick up the mint or lime that much, which is really fine. It comes in other delicious fragrances which you might want to try. I think I use quite a bit for a shower - but the jar is not going down very fast so it certainly does last. My skin feels wonderful after using it as it does not dry it out while exfoliating. It leaves you feeling nice and invigorated.

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