Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Review - Decleor Experience De L'age - Triple Action Rich Cream

"An anti-aging, moisturizing facial cream.
• Combines ''peeling effect'' and ''patching effect'' for clear, radiant skin• Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines• Intense hydration that prevents premature aging• Appropriate for all skin types• Designed for daily use"

1.69 fl oz. Price: $100.00 (Receive a FREE Ooh La Spa Set when you purchase $75 or more. Your free gift will automatically be added to your shopping cart. Offer valid while supplies last.)

Oh my goodness, this Decleor Experience De L'age - Triple Action Rich Cream is designed for mature skin. However, I am betting that it would enrich younger skin also. If I knew all the information I know now when I was younger -- I would have searched high and low for cream like this. It is applied in the morning over your face and neck. Believe me, you can feel your face and neck responding with a much better feel. They are so hydrated with just the little dab and your skin takes on a real glow. I feel that the fine lines (sounds much better than wrinkles) look diminished and my face and neck actually look very refreshed (from aging I think). It does have a slight fragrance which I found to be very pleasant. It is expensive, yes!! But it does a wonderful job and you need a drop or two so it will last. Also I did include the note about a free Spa set so hurry up and order while the supplies last. That way you are getting so much more for your money. Oh, what I wouldn't give to work there and get all of this cream for an employee discount. My body would be soaking in it for hours at a time. In real life I need to pull out my wallet and dig into it. Usually I try for bargains at bargain basement products. This is a bargain for my face and skin but it is not at basement prices. I guess when it works like this -- you cannot be stingy. I have been using this along with Decleor Aromessence Iris - TimeCare Concentrate which I will be reviewing in a few minutes.

Maria says: Love. This. Cream. What a luxury this little jar of wonder is. From the moment I opened the jar and took a whiff of the slightly almond-y scent, I knew it was destined to be a winner. I was right. It's an all-out pampering of the skin. Listen, let me tell you, this winter in New England has been HELLACIOUS - from icestorms to freezing temps, my skin has been sucked dry and this cream just gives me back the moisture I've lost but in addition it imparts a soft glow and a comfort to my skin if that makes sense. Whenever I saw a Decleor product I always thought of extravagence and indulgence - but this cream is sooooo worth indulging in. It's one of the rare creams that delivers on its promises. My skin feels refreshed and soothed when I wear this - and I say this truthfully b/c after being hit with the flu, my skin was so sallow and parched looking but after a nice mask, then an application of the Decleor Iris Oil, then this skin felt and looked 10 trillion percent better. If you get the opportunity to to try this cream, please don't pass it'll be sorry if you do. Don't think you are not worthy of this cream - you ARE!!
Joyce says: Ohhh yeeaaahhh. Use the Aromessence Timecare Concentrate first then apply this cream and we’re talking product promise fulfillment. It doesn’t take much and skin absorbs it quickly, so no problem with liquid or powder base going on atop both products. I had a health issue come up; and I really believe these two products made a difference. I may have had days where I could have felt better, but my face (skin) looked GOOD.

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