Saturday, February 21, 2009

Review- Barex Italiana Hairgomine Smooth Styling Gel

"Absolutely no flakes
Both hair gods and goddesses worship this relaxing balm that does it all. Barex Hairgomine styles, conditions, calms, locks out humidity, provides elasticity and sun protection with no flaking or buildup." Sug. retail $26

I don't have a huge problem getting my hair "reasonably" smooth, but with the layers I currently have, it is almost impossible to get it %100 smooth. That's where Barex Italiana Hairgomine comes in. I use a squirt for each side of my head and one for the back. It doesn't leave my hair feeling sticky at all. The bottle says "absolutely no flakes", but I've never had a problem with a product flaking on my hair, I just mention this in case you do. This product makes my hair perfectly smooth without weighing it down or making it look greasy (as some products do), it actually adds shine. It allows me to blend my layers with the rest of my hair in order to get that perfectly finished straight look. Oh, and I love that it provides sun protection. It claims to lock out humidity, but I've been using it on dry days in the winter, so I'll have to try it on a rainy day & revise this post when I see if that's true. Overall I'm very pleased with this gel and I recommend it despite the $26 price tag. Why? Because a little goes a long way & this tube is going to last me a long time. If you are the type to overdo it with the product, I'd probably suggest a cheaper gel, but for regular users it's worth the initial "splurge".

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