Sunday, February 1, 2009

Review - Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Nail Color

Maximum Growth Nourishing Nail Color makes nails grow longer, stronger and healthy in just one week. $4.59
I have this in #30 calming cocoa. First off I don’t know any cocoa this looks like. This is really a muted salmon color with a touch of taupe to it which is not my favorite shade. However, this review is more about the product's performance. My nails are weak and are always splitting so I am always on the hunt for nail hardeners and other treatments. This is a really nice product. I have given it the week’s trial to see if I see a difference and I did. The tips of my nails are always bending and chipping without polish on. This has provided my nails a barrier and they actually feel stronger – they are still weak but not as weak. So my hopes are that with continued use and new nail growth this product may actually help. It dries quickly and after 2 coats doesn’t feel thick on my nails. It holds up with me being on a computer all day and chipping is very minimal, I think I notice the chips appear after about 5 days; I just took it all off and reapplied. I highly recommend and this is very inexpensive compared to most nail hardening products!

Sheba says: Sally Hansen is an old stand by for me. Every so often my nails go through an extra soft stage for whatever reason. I will immediately find a Sally Hansen product that takes care of my nails until they return to health. I must say the products have not failed me. This Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Plus Nourishing Nail Color is an addition to my nail arsenal for those times. Please don't misinterpret this to mean -- the only time I use Sally Hansen is for problems. Many times I grab her polish for the color or shade. She usually has a delightful assortment. However, when I need to rebuild my nail strength -- I go directly to Sally Hansen. I have used more expensive products and they work. However, I am so comfortable with Sally Hansen as it has never disappointed me.

Deedlejuse Says: I got this Maximum Growth Nail Color in #36, Baby Doll and just as the name describes it is this really pretty innocent yet sort of flirty pink. It is super wearable for me, a person who really insn't into making a "statement" with my nail color. I did notice that after a bit (a couple of weeks) my nails seemed stronger, and I wasn't snagging on everything any more. Woohoo! I don't think my nails are quite as fragile as Citysilcker's but they are nothing close to iron, so any help I can get is much appreciated. I did not find that the polish lasted quite as long as the others describe, but I am notoriously hard on my hands for some reason. I got about 4 days before the chips were really noticeable. In the general scheme of things thats really good for me (I think the fact that I work with perfume oils, and other nail polish dissolving liquids makes any laquer I wear come off in the first couple of days.) but I was hoping for more. For the price it definitely did a great job, and their color range of course is astounding, so I'm just being picky!

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