Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Review - Rubis Precision Tweezers

Slanted Tweezers are perfect for tweezing eyebrows. The perforations guarantee a non slip grip. Perfectly aligned tips grab every hair every time. These precision tips even remove all the fuzz and stubble. Be sure to tweeze only in the direction of the hair growth.
Now women (and men, too) can "precision tweeze" --gripping hairs at the root - making removal as easy and painless as possible. Manufactured of rust proof, acid proof, highest quality surgical stainless steel.
CitySlicker Says:

If you need to remove the tiniest hair, these are for you. I am on my 2nd pair. I love them for the brows, they have the thinnest edge that allows me to pull out the smallest hair, I am amazed that it can catch but it does, I have tried a few other brands but always come back to these. I had my first pair almost 2 years and they disappeared. I was lonely without them. I don't always have the time to get waxed so I rely on the at home method of a tug of war! I highly recommend these! The edge doesn't dull up like some other brands do!

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