Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Review - The Hottest Body By Victoria Active Body Lift Treatment

The ultimate solution for a supermodel-hot body. Fortified with our advanced Vitamatrix™ Body-Firming Complex and with clinically tested firming and contouring ingredients to reduce the appearance of cellulite and sculpt a sleeker silhouette. Visibly improves skin tone and elasticity, while moisturizing with a 24-hour hydration complex. Domestic.

This active body lift foam treatment says that it is supposed to enhance tone and elasticity, and be an effective moisturizer. Personally, I didn't really notice any wonderful effects from this weird smelling and feeling body treatment. My skin isn't loose, I'm 23, so I wasn't expecting to be blown over by the results, but I was expecting to notice a difference which I really didn't. Not only did the effects not amaze me, but the foam itself left me with a very odd feeling, like my skin was dirty and sticky. It didn't even moisturize my skin very well, I still needed to put lotion over it to feel moisturized. I have normal to dry skin so someone with oily skin might be happy with the moisture level. The smell was pretty strong and unattractive. I don't think I would ever buy this Active Body Treatment again.


Anonymous said...

Is this a cream, gel, mousse, or spray? I can't tell from the picture.


deedlejuse said...

Hey Kate,
Sorry I didn't realize this comment was for me! It is a foam, or I guess sort of a mousse but with much more air in it.

Caroline said...

I've used this for 3 days now and I do notice a little bit of a difference. My legs normally have little dots all over and those have definitely smoothed out. I'm also 23 but my body isn't what it used to be since I gave birth to my daughter a year ago.
I haven't noticed anything yet for cellulite but then, it's only been 3 days!

Caroline said...

oh, and it is a very strange substance.... it reminds me of hair mousse when it's almost gone. It comes out very runny.... and this stuff tingles when you put it on.

christina said...

i think that it is amazing. there was a huge difference with my cellulite after i used it! I just hate that i can only get it during their semi-annual sale! i didn't know that until i ran out and went back to the store and asked