Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Review - MMPI Skin Regenerating Serum by Patricia Wexler M.D.

No in-office procedures - just noticeable results from a professional grade anti-aging solution. It visibly repairs and improves skin inside and out, and is clinically shown to firm skin.

I got a sample of this regenerating serum from Bath and Body Works, and I have to say I was skeptical. When I opened the little jar I found hot pink waxy looking stuff that I really wasn’t convinced should actually be applied to one’s face. I must say I was pleasantly surprised when after a couple of weeks of use I noticed that my skin was so much softer looking, and absolutely beautiful. I’m 23, so I really didn’t have any major wrinkles or whatnot to test it against, but I did have a few (very small) laugh wrinkles around my eyes, which are completely not there anymore. When you apply this stuff you can sort of feel the layer of defense. You are supposed to apply before you put on your moisturizer, I did and I have to say I don’t think my skin has ever been so incredibly moisturized and healthy feeling. It is expensive, 3.4 oz for $55 on sale, but I probably got .5 of an ounce from them, have been using it morning and night for three weeks, and I have hardly dented the surface! I definitely think it is worth a try.

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