Monday, March 3, 2008

Review - Jao Hand Refresher

Jao Hand Refresher™ The first "upscale" antibacterial is an instant disinfectant and aromatherapy boost in one

Botanical cleanser with antiseptic essential oils including lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus for quick hand sanitizing when there is no water around. $11.00 4 oz.

CitySlicker Says:

This stuff is AMAZING, hands down the best antibacterial product on the market.. I was a Purell fan but now I am hooked on Jao.. This is a non- drying gel. I find that over time using Purell makes my hands very dry, almost flaky.. This has a wonderrful spicy scent that is pleasant. It dries down quickly, leaves no residue on my hands and leaves my hand feeling clean and fresh.. The price is a more but there is no comparison.. This also feels like it moisturizes, my hands feel really soft and smooth after usage.. I will continue to buy and be telling all my peeps about this.. I love to carry this in my purse & in my car, especially after paying tolls, UGH!.. Just you wait till you smell this, it's GREAT & works!!

Deedlejuse says:

I have to agree with CitySlicker on this absolutely wonderful product. I find that hand sanitizers in general can leave your hands feeling sort of filmy, and after reapplying a few times without a real wash I am really wishing for some soapy water. I work with perfume oil all day long so I really need a good hand sanitizer that will kill some of the smells yet also leave my hands smelling clean and fresh. We have been using Germ-X brand sanitizer (probably because of price) but the difference between the two is literally incomparable. The Jao Freshener leaves you really feeling fresh, sort of moisturized and smelling slightly herby. With many other brands I’ve tried you smell like you have just come from a bar, they leave your hands almost sticky if you have to keep re-applying, and they definitely make you feel dry and cracked after a while. All in all I would say that although hand sanitizer might not be the kind of thing you would think might have levels of quality; you will be blown away by how a good a good one can be.

Amanda S. Says:

I agree with everything said above and just wanted to add that I think it's really cute and hysterical that this product is also deemed great to refresh your under-arms! It doesn't make me smell like I've been doused in a chemical bath and I like the idea that if someone around me gets a little stinky I can hand them the bottle and ask them to apply it to 'necessary areas'!

Joyce says:

If you had to pick which useful product to have on hand on a deserted island, this would probably be the one. They call it “your portable sink” and recommend it be used for diaper-changing, aromatherapy boost, zit zapping, hand softening, facial astringent, after shave… Okay, there was more; but when I saw “after shave,” I thought, “Hmmm…I’m going to test that.” So, I decide to do a bikini shave to really put it to the test. Even got a little scrape in the process (owie!). Jao took care of the scrape and there was no irritation that often or usually happens from shaving this area. That was a first. As you-know-who would say, “It’s a good thing.”

Hillary says:

I may sound like a mocking bird, but I agree with everything the ladies have said about Jao. I just spoke to the distributor & he said it's Lavender that gives it that fresh scent. It leaves absolutely no residue as far as I can tell which is a first for me (I'm a bit of a clean hand freak, so I'm never too far from a hand sanitizer). The way I can tell for sure that there is no percievable residue is that I use a touch screen mouse. Any residue and your finger is getting nowhere on that screen. With Jao I have no problem. The literature it came with recommended using it on your make-up brushes & I think that's a wonderful idea. It may cost more than Purell, but the difference in quality is night and day.

Movie Maven says:
I hate hand sanitizer. Strong words, right? It FREAKS me OUT. I mean, I guess it kills the bad bacteria on your hands, but what about the good bacteria? And it doesn't clean the dirt off your hands, just spreads it around. AND it usually smells weird (Purell, I'm looking in your direction). I'm a soap-and-water girl all the way, is what I'm getting at here. With that in mind: I don't mind this product. I like that it has essential oils in it to make it smell nice, and I really like that they make a point of saying that it doesn't kill the good bacteria. Everyone else has mentioned many of the unorthodox uses for it, which is another great feature. I would never use this product on a regular basis (as I said, hand sanitizers and me...not so much with the love), but I can TOTALLY see it as a great travel product. Stash a bottle in your backpack and you're set to conquer eastern Europe.

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