Thursday, March 20, 2008

Review - Victoria's Secret Love Spell Refreshing Body Mist

Secret Garden Collection Refreshing Body Mist, $9.00
Our single best-selling item. Invigorating and calming all at once, this delightfully fragrant mist is formulated with moisturizing aloe and soothing chamomile to leave skin supersoft.

CitySlicker Says:
I haven't worn any body mists from Vickies in years but recently got a gift that included this sumptuous scent.. It's the perfect sweet, happy concoction. It can be overwhelming if I am heavy handed but 3 spritzes on the bod after bathing does my body good. There is an initial alcohol smell that is quickly gone once it dries down on my skin. I think this is a youthful fun scent that takes me back to simpler days. I like it and would be interested in checking out some of the other products in the same scent..

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