Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Review - 1,000 Lash Tint

Product Information:
* No Smudge permanent colour for eyelashes and brows * Beautiful, professional results in just 3 easy steps * Australian made * Quick and easy to use * Safe and effective * 12 applications per pack * Economical - you can treat yourself to a lash and brow colour at home for a fraction of the cost of a beauty salon eyelash and brow tint * Waterproof, does not smudge or run * 1000 HOUR LASH COLOUR looks far more natural than mascara for "todays look".

Back in the day, when all I did for the summer was bake in the sun and had no time for makeup, I thought I'd have my eyelashes dyed so as to not even have to deal with mascara. I remember after having had it done in a salon that my eyelashes were gorgeously dark and glossy and the tint seemed to last for about 4-6 weeks. Never did it again. Fast forward about 20 years when I read a review on this little gem of a product - 1,000 Hour Lash. I opened the kit, took out the directions, turned my mirror over to magnification size and had a go of it. I had a q-tip near by with vaseline on it for smudges which you will undoubtedly have (kit comes with an applicator, but I found using a spooly mascara wand (like the kind they'd use for samples at a makeup counter) worked way better - You mix the tint with the cream, apply to top and bottom lashes with spooly wand or applicator, wait 10 minutes, then gently remove excess with moistened cotton ball - and voila - beautifully tinted lashes. Really. I got the blue black and the color is just lovely. Even wee lashes on the bottom were noticeable. The product does not come without warning - it can sting - and you do have to be very, very careful - but I had no problems with it. It's a summer staple for sure - and for those who like to just toss the mascara all-together, this just may be your ticket.

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