Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Review - Avalon Organics Hand and Body Lotion

Formulated with our special Triple Lipid System and beta glucan for fresh, healthy skin, our certified organic herbal blend of organic lavender oil and moisturizing glycerin leaves skin nourished and soft.

Deedlejuse says: This lotion is really wonderful. The consistency is thick and creamy, so it is perfect for both hand and body moisturization, especially when the weather makes you super dry and flaky. My skin is generally pretty normal, but I get dry in the winter so I need good thick lotion. This body lotion is really more like a cream because it is so thick and wonderful. The scent I opted for is the lavender, for it's relaxing properties and also because lavender is supposed to have anti-bacterial and cell renewal properties. The smell really is wonderful, it is definitely the fresh out of the garden sort of lavender smell that reminds you of being in the warm sunshine of the summer. Really lovely....sigh. The company is all about "Conscious Living" so their lotions are paraben free, have no harsh preservative and use no petroleum-based ingredients which can be drying and are just not good for your skin! They also do not test on animals. The best part about this lotion (I think!) is that I got it at Trader Joe's, which is my local affordable health food store, for something like $4! For 8oz! how can it get better than that???? It looks like it is a bit more expensive if you buy it from the site, but honestly this stuff is wonderful, totally worth it!


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