Friday, March 14, 2008

Review - Cellcosmet Eye Contour Cream

Cellular eye cream specially adapted to the delicate eye area. Nourishes and ensures rich moisturization of the exposed skin around the eyes. Enriched with vitamins E + C to fight against free radicals. Helps prevent premature skin ageing. Softens and smooths skin texture. Excellent make-up foundation. Respects the natural ocular pH.

Let's face it. I am a sucker for eyecream. I can't help myself. But one would have to be crazy to go and spend $195 on an eyecream - nuts, I tell you! Who would DO THAT? So, after I ordered it and it arrived at my house...I'm kidding - I was fortunate to request and receive three small sample jars of this which was good for about 2.5 weeks worth of application....I was lured by the great reviews (what else is new?) and even though I was quite happy with the current eyecream I was using, I had to try this just to assure myself that no eyecream could possibly be worth me spending $195. The good news? It isn't. The pros are that it is a NICE eyecream - very hydrating, sinks in well, does not give me little bumps around my eyes, it's enriched with C&E, and it does offer continual moisturization - but to be honest - no more than a couple of other really rather terrific eyecreams I had used (which I have since returned to) at less than half the cost. It didn't have any kind of lifting effect nor did it address dark circles or puffiness. So I'm happy to say, that for me, it is a case of yes, a nice product, but NO WAY worth the money.I don't see a lot of reviews or info on Cellcosmet but apparently they're huge in Switzerland. I believe they are one of Essential Day Spa's top selling lines, but I happily returned to Pure Skin Formulations Eye Cream - and believe it or not, a close second choice Arbonne's RE9 Eyecream. (Reviews to Follow) Save your money here kids.


Anonymous said...

What non-$195 eye creams would you reccomend?

Maria said...

There is a company called Pure Skin Formulations ( and they have a really great eyecream - it's got all top notch ingredients in it - super hydrating - non greasy - it's really my favorite - another one is (and I am not a fan of the line!) Arbonne RE9 Eyecream. I had been persuaded to a home party, tried the eyecream and really, really like it. Who knew? I usually get replacements of it on Ebay - but I'd still say PSF is the best I've used. Hope that helped!