Friday, March 14, 2008

Review - Arrojo Volume Foam

Lightweight and volumizing to lift, thicken and support all hair types and especially limp or lifeless hair. A great foundation product when styling long hair. The more you use, the more you volumize. $15

This is one of Nick Arrojo's ("What Not To Wear") product line. I hoped it would work as he does wonders with the hair he works on during the show. It did not disappoint! I have used many volume foams and some seem to add unnecessary weight to the hair which actually makes the hair flatter. This really does seem to add body to the hair when styling it. I have actually used more of this product than others when styling because of that factor and do get a 'more volume' look. Since I have had good luck with the products I have used in this line I will definitely be looking at some of his other products. So far his products do perform as advertised.

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