Saturday, March 22, 2008

Review - Lady Primrose Signature Crystal Nail File

Crystal nail file is the essential manicure tool for natural nails. Specially designed, ever-lasting abrasive surface can be washed, sanitized, or sterilized for repeated use. Crystal File prevents natural nail from splitting and peeling. $6

You may at first look at this file and think that it's a little lackluster in the abrasion department, and wouldn't work too well. But I've got news for you, it works great! I am sure many ladies and gents out there have issue with those sand papery or metal files causing nails to split between layers and break off in terrible little sheets and bits after polishing. This is something that happens to me almost any time I attempt to file my nails myself, and it drives me absolutely MAD. I used this file two times already,for shaping my nails before painting them. Both times it worked as quickly and accurately as a regular file, and I am happy to report that my nails, LITERALLY FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, did not split and crack within a few days of the filing. That said, if you suffer from this problem it's well worth the $6 to get this file and you'd be a fool not to give it a try!

Joyce says:
What a delightful idea! Who imagined a nail file could be pretty, as well as efficient. When I use it, I feel as though I’m grooming my nails without abusing them. My nails seem to agree.

Sheba says:
This file is not only very pretty, but appears to be delicate. I thought that something that looks like this cannot do the job. I was wrong!! This little file does a better job than any of my emery boards or nail files. I usually have to go over my nails after filing -- a second time with the gentler side of the file to smooth out all the rough edges I got while filing. This was just part of filing my nails. Well, it isn't any longer. This file does the filing without shredding the tips of the nails -- they are pretty well smooth right away. It does follow through with the claim to prevent splitting and peeling. Now I am thinking my emery boards and nail files might well have been the cause of some of my damage. I was thinking it was the nails, themselves. This file seems to prove my theory wrong. It has cut my filing time in half. . . and at the same time my nails look better groomed than ever. I have to say this file is worth the small investment as it works.

Hillary says:
How do I love this file? Let me count the ways! Actually, I love it for a two-fold reason: It's hearty enough to tackle the big jobs (like filing down a 1/4 inch of nail) and delicate enough to use for the little details. In my opinion, those are qualities that women are constantly looking for in nail files. To get them both in one file is a rare treat. To find them together for $6 even more rare. As an added bonus, it's obvious I'm going to have this file for quite some time as it's no transient nail file.

Deedlejuse says:
Personally, my nails hate me. I keep them quite short, and they really don't get the love they deserve. So I just can't compare this file to other ones, because I haven't really used anything other than those orange sticks that rip huge chunks of fingernail off in no time. This file is so different (from orange sticks) it is gentle and delicate. It gets the job done, and it will I'm sure be around forever even if you do use a file regularly. I guess my favorite part of the Lady Primrose nail file is that it is quite substantial, it makes the hold you can get on it better and I can't loose it in my huge beauty bag. Really how could you ask for more?


tuscangirl said...

I love this nail file too! I got one as a gift and use it all the time!

Teah Nichole said...

I LOVE this nail is by far the best I have every used....there will never be another for me!!

Amanda S. said...

I'm glad everyone loves it so much! I'm really glad I found it. xo amanda