Friday, March 7, 2008

Review - Skin Abstract Blemish Potion

Blemish Potion{tm}. is a topical solution for healing and drying skin breakouts. Since Blemish Potion is manufactured in skin toned colors, it can be applied to the affected areas during the day, so that it can start working immediately.

I didn't think much of this stuff when I received my samples, just another zit-cream to use when I have a horrible break-out that is making me want to hide under the bed and not leave the house, or put my hair over my entire face like cousin It until it disappears... It seems like tons of acne products make huge promises but deliver very little, and you're left to suffer through horrible healing periods. But Blemish Potion is actually really FANTASTIC. I had a pretty bad break out on my skin, which isn't normal, but it was a doozy. I considered calling in sick to work, THAT sort of doozy. I put the blemish potion on the offending zit the morning I discovered it, and covered it up as best I could. The skin tone color of the product helped to cover it up, which was an added bonus. I came home, applied it again before bed, and to my surprise, the zit was ENTIRELY gone the next day save for a small red spot where it had once started to threaten taking over my entire face. I am going to religiously rely on this stuff from now on, whenever another mortifying break out experience strikes. I really recommend this stuff for anyone that hasn't gotten any relief from other products. I'm really happy with it.

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