Saturday, March 22, 2008

Review - elizabethW Bath & Shower Gel

Our selection of deliciously fragranced bath and shower gels from elizabethW is the perfect way to indulge your senses. Whether you want to lavish your skin in a luxurious, cleansing bubble bath or turn a normal shower into an aromatic retreat, these amazing products from elizabethW bring the spa experience into the comfort of home.

I received the Tuberose scent of this bath gel. It's so softly fragranced and gentle on the skin, I really love it. It reminds me a lot of this tuberose scented soap I used to be able to find at this health food store in Manhattan, but they have since stopped carrying it. I really love the scent. Check out the link (click the header) to see all the other lovely scents they have including Lilac, Rose & Sweet tea. I'm sure they are all as beautiful as the tuberose. The gel works really great, lathers well and feels very natural and non-drying. It also makes a great bubble bath!

Joyce says: The lavender scent I used is subtle, which I appreciate. I really don’t like to be overwhelmed by a fragrance. The pleasant surprise when I added it to my bath (it doubles as a bubble bath product) was it seemed to “soften” the water…very nice and unexpected. I wonder if they know their product does this. This is one product you can use for one of those candle-lit baths you take with your sweetie.

Hillary says: The scent I've got of this awesome bath (and shower) gel is Sweet Tea. Sweet is not the word! When I smelled it in the bottle I liked it but thought it was a little weak. When I got in the shower and started using it I was proven entirely wrong. It was just strong enough, and I still smell like Sweet Tea even though I've been out of the shower for 30 minutes. It's nice and hydrating too. I don't feel tight skinned in the least (and I'm the driest of the dry). I highly recommend both this shower gel & this particular scent!

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