Sunday, March 30, 2008

Review - Shady Day Daily Sun Protection Wipes

Shady Day Daily Sun Protection Wipes provide a convenient mess free way to apply broad spectrum UV protection.

Hygienic pre-moistened sunscreen wipes are designed for the entire body with an absorbent formula leaving the skin feeling dry and smooth. Perfect for the whole family and people on the go!

Unlike sunscreen in a bottle, these wipes are not greasy and smell great. Sometimes it can take me 20 minutes to really rub in those greasy sunscreens at the beach, which isn't fun when the sand is sticking to every spot you're trying to rub in. I'm going to really love using these instead. The wipes are the perfect size to supply enough sunscreen for your entire body. And the cost isn't bad either (15 wipes for about $15). Probably the biggest bonuses for this product for me are that they won't explode in my beach bag like a bottle of sunscreen might, and they smell really great.

CitySlicker Says: I am in love with this concept. These are so EASY to use and super portable. I don't like carrying around sunscreen in my car or bag. They heat up and separate and I end up tossing them out. With this kind of application, I can toss a couple in my bag or glove compartment and not worry. I applied at home after showering and was very surprised at how quickly the sunscreen was absorbed & to boot no greasy after effects. No residue either!

Sheba says: What a convenience!!! It is such a clever idea and they work like a charm. As previously said -- you can toss a couple in your bag or car and you are set for the day. They are better and easier for applying the product than any of the regular packaging. The smell is clean and crisp. Sometimes you can get a heavy oily smell from sunscreens but this is completely opposite. The sunscreen is absorbed as you apply it and there is enough for you to coat yourself safely. It has to be mentioned again that there is no greasy or oily residue. They leave your skin feeling very clean -- but you know it is protected. The price for these is very fair for the protection and convenience.

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Suzan said...

Awesome product. I love the smell and the not-greasy feeling.
The stick also comes in handy for delicate spots like beauty marks and nose.