Monday, March 31, 2008

Review - Demeter Fragrance Duet Gift Set

Angel Food/Caramel (Sweet Delight Collection): A sweet gift set with delightfully scented fragrances.
This sweet duo is an ideal gift set for a relative, friend, or as a treat for yourself. Both fragrances - Angel Food and Caramel - are labelled with recipes for the yummy foods of the same name.
DermStore price: $20.00 - Free Shipping!

I received this gift set and I am positively delighted with it. They are fun scents and I happen to love both. I had just spent quite a bit on a Carmel based perfume from the islands and actually now I am disappointed in it. This much less expensive Carmel fragrance is delicious. It is so sweet and smooth without being sickeningly sweet. Some of the Sugar and sweet scents can just be too overbearing with the sweetness -- I almost get a cavity smelling them. This is a refreshing Carmel while the Angel Food is also delectable. Again, it is a very light sweet scent which I enjoy. I have received many complements on what I am wearing whenever I have either of these on. I found the gift set at this web site and was pretty surprised at the very reasonable cost and to top it off -- Free Shipping. You can find the Demeter Fragrances many places but it is unlikely that you will also get the free shipping with a small order such as this. I don't think you can go wrong if you enjoy these - but they also have 2 other gift sets with scents that might suit your taste more than these two. Take a peek - you might like what you see. I think you will like what you smell!!

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