Sunday, March 23, 2008

Review - Bath and Body Deep Cleansing Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap

Anti-Bacterial - Deep Cleansing Hand Soap - Coconut Lime Verbena
Cleansing beads and germ killers get dirty hands clean and leave skin lightly scented. Our Coconut Lime Verbena fragrance is a luscious blend of fresh coconut, lime and fragrant verbena, warmed by vanilla and musk. Domestic.
Triclosan kills germs
Vitamins B5 & E nourish skin
Gentle exfoliators cleanse deeply

SIZE: 8 fl. oz. $4.50 ea or 3 for $10 Anti-Bacterial

I do like this deep cleansing soap as it is not drying to your skin as a lot of anti-bacterial products seem to be. It comes in many different scents and if you do choose the 3 for $10 deal you can mix them up. Also, usually there are coupons available. Once you are on their mailing list you will get coupons fairly regularly. The soap does cleanse as promised and seems to exfoliate as they claim. Yet, it is still gentle as your hands will feel clean and smooth. I keep this one handy in the kitchen as I usually run there to wash my hands after patting or playing with my dog. They sell the hand and body lotions to match your choice of scent(s). Some scents are too flowery or smell like a fake of their name for me. However, there are many that are very true to their given scent. They have samples of just about every scent they offer so take advantage of that before you buy. Make sure it feels good to you and has a scent you really enjoy. Do not just trust the scent name to be what you want. . . try it.

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