Saturday, March 8, 2008

Review - Clean Ultimate Eau de Parfum

Ultimate Clean Ultimate combines juicy notes of Italian Bergamot and Provencal Lemon with Lavender, Jasmine, White Rose, and Muguet, and then intertwines them with sensual Neroli and Musk to create a fragrance experience filled with Clean, fresh, warmth and depth. The "ultimate clean scent" is both timeless and utterly feminine.
Notes:Italian Bergamot, Provencal Lemon, Lavender, Jasmine, White Rose, Muguet, Neroli, Musk.Style:Clean. Soapy. Fresh.

CitySlicker Says:
It's all in the name! This is a perfect, fresh clean scent. If you like things that are green and fresh then this is for you. It wears lightly throughout the day. It starts off heavy and dissipates throughout. I never feel like I have to much on or that I am heavily scented. This wears nicely on my skin or go a day without getting a compliment on what am I wearing. This is like an anti-perfume, it's so different.. Well worth a trip to the fragrance counter to at least take a whiff!

Sheba says: This perfume is so refreshing. It is understated and NOT overpowering as many perfumes can be. I personally love fresh scents more than the flowery ones. This is a favorite. There are some that give you the aroma of Tide: I do not want to immerse myself in a detergent scent. This captures Clean without that soapy scent. It stays with me for most of the day. Many people ask what I am wearing when I have this on. If you like a very fresh scent that is not overbearing you might want to give this a try. You will enjoy the crisp fresh scent.