Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Review - Arrojo Holding Spray Fixatif

Arrojo Non-Aerosol Mist to build, Add shine, hold, and finish. A great fixative and finisher, use to hold styles in place, create structure, and defeat droopiness. Directions: Hold about 8 inches from hair and mist in fluid, even strokes. Apply throughout the day to rejuvenate your look. Brushes out effortlessly.
Size: 236 ml. / 8 fl. oz. Price: $15.00

This is one of the many items in Nick Arrojo's ("What Not To Wear") hair products line. After seeing some of the miracles he performs on the show I had to try a few of his products. This hair spray leaves your hair styled - yet genuinely flexible. It doesn't feel like the helmet of spray you get from many other products out there. It has a very good hold to it. Your hair is not solid with hair spray -- it will move in the wind but it behaves. I am very happy with the hair spray. It does cost more than some of my usual "sale" sprays but I believe it is worth it. You do not need to use a lot of it to get the job done. The only additional thing I might still ask for is Nick to be in the bottle!!!

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