Saturday, March 22, 2008

Review - St. Ives Body Wash, Energizing Citrus

Awakens your senses with an energizing citrus, mint and eucalyptus scent as it cleans, softens and smoothes skin.
Discover the Swiss Secrets for Soft, Smooth Skin.Over the centuries, the Swiss have developed and perfected their secrets for naturally beautiful skin. Only St. Ives captures these secrets in moisturizing body washes that indulge your senses with great fragrances as you cleanse. The luxurious lather gently yet thoroughly cleans, leaving skin soft and smooth. $3.79

This body wash does leave my skin feeling energized in addition to being clean and soft. I am a Citrus addict as far as scent goes and that may account for that feeling. It really does foam up nicely and you are enveloped in this wonderful citrusy fragrance. It is a very clean citrus scent unlike others I have tried that didn't have a genuine citrus aroma to them. It feels very silky as you lather up with it and leaves your skin with that silky feeling. The fragrance remains with you for a very brief time after you are finished -- but not long enough to interfere with any cologne, etc. you might use. The price is pretty reasonable and this product can be found in many locations at a sale or discount price in addition to this web site. The body wash comes in various other scents, some of which I have tried and enjoyed. However, I ended up with Citrus as my favorite.


Anonymous said...

I love this body wash! It's really made a noticeable difference in the softness/moisture of my skin. Plus it has a great fresh scent (especially if you love the smell of citrus) and a very nice (rather unusual) silky consistency that lathers nicely and makes it fun to use (weird thing to say about a body wash but I actually look forward to using this one!) I found it originally at Target but when I went back to buy again there was none to be had. All the other "flavors" in this bodywash line were there but not this one. I don't know if it was sold out or they don't carry it anymore so I'm forced to order online. This is the first time I've even bought the same body wash twice, much less make the effort to order online.

Sheba said...

Wow, I had stocked up on the Citrus luckily. I just went to buy some more and ran into the problem you mentioned. I ended up with a Grapefruit. To be quite honest I HATE grapefruit -- however, it has one delightfully refreshing scent. I am pretty happy with it -- however, I will keep my eyes peeled for the Citrus.