Monday, March 17, 2008

Review - Babor Refining Oil-Free Foundation

A liquid, oil-free foundation for oily and combination skin. Light-diffusing pigments visibly conceal fine lines and wrinkles. Mattifies the complexion with Sebucon and refines the pores. Contains Nori Algae which is a natural UVA protectant. Natural care bonus: Witch hazel extract, Panthenol and Vitamin E. $35.00

CitySlicker Says:
I am sorry that there is no image to show, I use 01 which in person is more ivory looking. This foundation has been a staple in my bag since the summer. I don’t tan so I use the same shade all year. The foundation is a medium coverage so I use very little. I tend to really try to blend it into my skin. I think it does a great job of keeping my face fresh looking and youthful. I have never had any adverse reaction and there is no scent (YEAH). I have to mention this too, it’s easy to apply over sunscreen. I don’t feel like I look like an oil slick as anyone who wears sunscreen knows you have to have a good foundation to go over. I highly recommend this and will re-buy when the time comes!

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