Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Review - Pantene Sheer Volume Root Lifter Volumizing Spray Gel

This easy-to-spritz Pro-V spray gel targets the roots of your hair to give you the amplification you want. Consider it one of your strongest supporters: Root Lifter gives you all-day volume while adding healthy-looking shine. Great for short to medium hair and for choppy, cropped styles. The light mist helps:
Liven up and lift flat hair, even in high humidity
Provide volume right from the root
Leave hair touchable and shiny

Price Varies from location to location

My hair has been fine and thin forever. I will try anything to actually get some body into it. A friend who is a hairstylist had me try Nexxus and I really liked that. . . especially when she got me her discount. However, she said to try Pantene. She found that some of the less expensive brands actually did as well as, or even better than the top of the line brands. I remember an expert on beauty products comparing expensive versus cheaper versions on a television show. She actually raved about Pantene and said it is definitely comparable to the high end products. Actually I have found that to be true in my use. My hair does seem to have added body as it did with the Nexxus and other top brands. It feels soft and clean -- yet does have a feel of being a bit thicker. I have ended up tossing volumizing gels in other brands after a few uses as they were too heavy for my hair and flattened it. Others gave me that "greaser" look which is not what I am trying for. I find the Pantene leaves the hair feeling clean and not coated as I have experienced. This does add some volume and I will take whatever I can get. I shop around for it as it goes on sale at the many stores that carry it. You can always find a sale so why pay full price??? I keep an extra on hand so that I won't run out while waiting for a sale. Actually the regular price is not that high anyway if I really get stuck and need it. In addition to the body I gain from it -- I find that my hair does hold the style better with it.


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